January 1, 2013

The Sound of the Soul

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Welcome to 2013, folks!  It currently doesn't feel much different from 2012, but ho hum, that's the way it goes...

It is my intention and expectation that Tempus Regina, barring any unforeseen developments, will be featuring most prominently on Scribbles during the year.  I have continued writing, at a less breakneck speed than NaNo forced upon me; at 75,000 words, I still feel as though I'm wading through the beginning.  This doesn't bode well.  However, I shrug up my shoulders and keep going, learning bits and pieces about the characters as I go and hoping this confounded thing doesn't end up being too long.

In order to introduce a portion of the cast a little more thoroughly, I thought I would pull out and dust off an exercise I did way back in 2011 - finding music that associates itself with each character.  While I can't usually write while music is playing, I do tend to mentally pull together songs that fit the story or characters (lots of Owl City for the Sea Fever books); I think one mark of a story being ready for me to write it is that all songs start to be twisted into having an application for the novel.  It's the only explanation for "I'm Coming after You" linking itself to Tempus Regina.

At any rate, though this is not the entire cast, I tried to pick the most important people and pull the songs that capture them best.  Note that for many of these, the songs are the only ones I have heard from that singer or band.  Don't take them as unqualified recommendations!  And now, without further ado...

regina winters

I can think of a number of songs that fit in with either Regina's character or aspects of her life, instrumental and not, some for their tunes and others for the lyrics.  Some, like "Eurydice" by Sleepthief, have absolutely nothing to do with the story; "Street of Dreams" by Blackmore's Night, on the other hand, is quite linked with the plot.  Another song I've mentioned several times is "Memories" by Within Temptation, the one most closely linked with her, but it has already featured.   A fourth that I associate with her (apparently Tempus Regina is more music-driven than my other novels!) is Nina Gordon's "Tonight and the Rest of My Life," which seems to capture Regina's voice.  The thrill of the music and lyrics is perfect, and I like the way it portrays a snapshot of emotion.
gleaming in the dark sea, 
I'm as light as air 
floating there breathlessly - 
when the dream dissolves 
I open up my eyes 
I realize that everything is shoreless sea 
weightlessness is passing over me...

kay winters

Kay is a bit tricky, both because he is so childish and because he has at once a critical place in the story, and very little place at all.  I chose an instrumental song for him, one that is sad and whimsical, and thus probably applies more to how Regina sees Kay than to how Kay sees himself: Aston's classical cover of Adele's "Someone Like You."

the assassin

The Assassin is such fun - he really is.  Honestly, I could probably come up with as many songs for him as for Regina; many of Regina's songs involve him, after all, since the plot needs them both.  And Owl City's "I'm Coming after You" really does apply.  Don't laugh - it's true.  However, the song that brings him to mind most vividly and paints him in the fullest colors is "Lions!" by LIGHTS, for both tune and lyrics fit him.  It is a little grim, certainly purposeful, but I always picture a bit of a lopsided smile in the music.  Though I'm not sure what to think of the fact that his song is sung by a woman...

show me to the shipwreck
show me how the bones shake
and when I'm at the edge of sorrow's blade
show me how the heart breaks
be steady on your feet
no matter the trouble you meet...

lions make you brave
giants give you faith
death is a charade
you don't have to feel safe to feel unafraid.

morgaine & the fisherman

Such an odd pair, these two, and I don't intend to talk much about them - that would be no fun, and leave no room for guesswork on your part.  As with Regina and the Assassin, there are a number of songs that fit each of them; mostly instrumental, however, like "Intro" by the XX (whatever that means) or even "Doomsday" from the Doctor Who soundtrack.  But the song I like best, though oddly more associated with the Fisherman, is "Locked within the Crystal Ball" by Blackmore's Night.  It has just the right currents of power and magic.

I feel the waves begin to rise
Far across the ocean deep within your eyes
Silently watching as they fall
I can see the future locked within the crystal ball

 the time king

He hasn't shown his face at all, but you can hardly have a time queen without a time king.  As Sherlock Holmes so profoundly observed, "If there are bivalves, presumably there are monovalves."  Simple logic.  Like Morgaine and the Fisherman, I can't really say much about this fellow.  But as he is of a rather tired, jaded turn of mind, the best song I could think of was Shearwater's "Animal Life" - which doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but oh well, what can you do?

no rush of light, no sun or belonging
no joy in building, love in the finishing
chasing down an anodyne
and half-reflected radiance
to hide below the ancient barricade
in chambers like the rooms a swallow made
for an animal life

the white demon

I like this fellow, though he only appeared properly last chapter.  Steadfast, grim as the Time King, and, in the Assassin's opinion, thoroughly disturbing.  I fancy he won't appear much in Tempus Regina, but he is something of a background force.  A lot of characters are...  At any rate, I chose for him Andrew Peterson's "Carry the Fire."  The song is really applicable to the whole novel (the tune thrills me every time I listen to it), and to Regina herself, but I think it best suits the White Demon.  

I will hold your hand, love
as long as I can, love
though the powers rise against us
though your fears assail you
and your body may fail you
there's a fire that burns within us...


  1. Happy New Year, Abby! Wishing you well with Tempus Regina this year - and hoping you can keep bearing through the difficulties! My novel is ringing in at about 80k...can't imagine writing anything longer.
    My cap lifts to you!

    Blessings in the new year!


  2. Oh, I liked this! I don't know many songs, but what a very good idea to find music that goes with your characters, or your whole story! It adds another dimension. Not only would it be inspirational (listening to the music whenever you've got writers' block?) but it breathes life and spirit into it. You're the second person I've read about who incorporates music into their story-planning -- maybe it's something I should try .... Thanks, and Happy New Year!

  3. The song "carry the Fire" I looked up just because of this post and I like it!
    Happy New year!

  4. Becca - I can never tell at the start how long a novel will end up being - I can't even tell at the 75k mark! I am planning for a sequel, though "Tempus Regina" will work as a stand-alone as well. I hope it won't end up being too long...

    Kelsey - I'm usually not this inspired by music, but yes, "Tempus Regina" does draw from a lot of songs. It's nice to have a playlist and turn it on when I need to work myself into a writing mood. And making these associations, and realizing that a particular song mirrors a character, is a lot of fun.

    Writer - Isn't it a lovely song? I love the beginning and background music!

  5. What a fun post, Abigail dear! I'm sorry 'Tempus Regina' has been giving you a little pain lately... hope it runs smoothly =D. And I really really wish that this new year we may have the opportunity of seeing one of your new books go into publication and then we can read it! Do you see anything like this happening soon?

    I must say that I love Regina and the Assassin's songs best... there is something about them that captured my attention and the emotions caught in my throat as I read them. "lions make you brave
    giants give you faith
    death is a charade
    you don't have to feel safe to feel unafraid." Love it!

    God bless, and I shall try to e-mail you in the VERY near future, Lord willing :).

    Lots of love, Joy @ joy-live4jesus.blogspot.com

  6. I can't properly say I know any of those songs except "carry the Fire" and it does seem a little disturbing some of them, but I do think (from what you've shared on the blog) that Tempus Regina will turn out to be one of those books that that would scare me, and thrill me and make me hold on tight while it takes me for a ride. With pizzazz. It piques my interest.

    I have to agree with you on "carry the fire" though the thought of it being linked with a character called the "white demon" terrifies me a bit.

  7. I am ignorant, I know - but I can't figure out for the life of me what the "k" stands for in your wordcount! And yes, I'm asking for some enlightenment.

    A dedicated writer,

  8. And a Happy New Year to you, Abigail!

    Wishing you blessings for the year and your writing,

  9. Joy - At the moment, I don't see anything of that sort on the horizon...but it is only January! I am definitely still pursuing it, especially down the avenue of finding a literary agent. Who knows what 2013 might bring?

    "Lions" is my favorite out of these, too, with "Carry the Fire" running as close second. I didn't care for the song when I first heard it, but it grew on me. It suits the Assassin perfectly. I'm glad you liked it!

    Lilly - While the songs really aren't that disturbing, I can certainly see how some of these characters, particularly the Fisherman (such an innocuous title, that) could be. The White Demon is an interesting fellow, but knowing that Andrew Peterson's song really does suit him can be taken as a comfort!

    Patience - The "k" just stands for "thousand" - I'm 75,000 words in, or at the "75k mark." I don't know who chose that as shorthand, or why exactly people use it, except that it seems tidy that way.

    A happy New Year to you, too!

  10. Thank you, Abigail! :-)


  11. I pray that that can happen, Abigail! =D

  12. I don't really feel maybe my comment came out right, but thank you for your reply. I suppose that the character is called demon scares me a bit. As for the songs, I suppose if I had heard them before reading them and or was familiar with them they would not seem how they seemed reading them perhaps. I am quite, quite certain the fisherman is more than just an innocuous title, =) Sorry if I'm not making myself understood.


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