writer. (but you knew that already.) 

proud Pride & Prejudice baby, born the day before the Colin Firth/Jennifer Ehle version released. 

straining at 5’0”.

favorite color is teal. 

third-born with all the traits of an only child. 

1/8 sicilian. 

supposedly related to Edward II. but who wants to be? 

owned by a gluttonous tabby cat. 

black teas, twinings brand, only.  two spoonfuls of sugar and no milk, please.

swoons over hazelnut coffee.

incorrigible old-book-sniffer.
Simon de Montfort, Alexander
Hamilton, Richard III, and Jane Austen would make the cliche dinner wishlist if they weren't all dead.

pines for a red panda.

office assistant and fancy secretary.

"aun tabby" to three nieces and a nephew.  placement of the t is critical.

secondary job would be a fly-killing ninja for restaurants.

rather fond of pinterest.

 attempts objective book reviews on SqueakyCleanReviews.com.

puts all objectivity aside for Goodreads.

currently working on world domination.  beware the short folk - they are by far the most dangerous.
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I am a writer of historical fiction and fantasy, scribbling from my home in the United States. More importantly, I am a Christian, which flavors everything I write. My debut novel, "The Soldier's Cross," was published by Ambassador Intl. in 2010.
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published writings

The Soldier's Cross: Set in the early 15th Century, this is the story of an English girl's journey to find her brother's cross pendant, lost at the Battle of Agincourt, and of her search for peace in the chaotic world of the Middle Ages.
finished writings

Tempus Regina:Hurled back in time and caught in the worlds of ages past, a Victorian woman finds herself called out with the title of the time queen. The death of one legend and the birth of another rest on her shoulders - but far weightier than both is her duty to the brother she left alone in her own era. Querying.
currently writing

Wordcrafter: "One man in a thousand, Solomon says / will stick more close than a brother. / And it's worthwhile seeking him half your days / if you find him before the other." Justin King unwittingly plunges into one such friendship the day he lets a stranger come in from the cold. Wordcount: 124,000 words

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