January 21, 2013

Beautiful People - The Assassin

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As with Katie's "Snippets" meme, I have not done a Beautiful People post since October.  It would appear that my little blogging world ground to a halt in October, or at least went into a series of fits and spasms.  I'll try to make it up by "introducing" a main character of Tempus Regina, whom you have already met (rather) via a few random sentences and an old excerpt that I have had to completely overhaul.  He is, unfortunately, so important to the story that I can say only so much about him.  But I'll do my best, and since he is of a gregarious bent, I daresay he will not mind.

the assassin

1. What does he look like?

The Assassin is, quite frankly, a big man.  He is probably around six feet tall, though no more than an inch or two taller than Regina herself, but he is also wide at the shoulders, stocky as an oak tree, and possesses quite enough brawn to knock a man flat.  (Of course he never hits backhanded, because no gentleman would.)  His hair, typical of the Saxons, is hay-blond; he wears it long and braids a long piece before each ear.  He has no beard, however, due to an unpleasant habit of singeing it. 

2. How old is he?

I have not gotten a straight answer on this point, but I should say he is around 24 years old when Regina first meets him.  Like Regina, however, he can seem much older; unlike Regina, he can at other times seem a great deal younger.

3. In three words, what kind of personality does he have?

Flamboyant.  Elemental. Vivid.

4. Tea or coffee?

He can make tea out of nearly any edible plant, but prefers stronger brews.  He has never tasted coffee, but I think he would like it if it were Turkish and black.  I daresay, too, that he would not be adverse to simply chewing on the beans; he is quite fond of chewing.

5. What is his favorite season or type of weather?

The Assassin is fond of a clean, sunny day at the end of winter, where the spring warmth is beginning to seep through and the first flowers are showing.  He likes a light breeze to take the edge off of it, a wide pale sky and a few cirrus clouds, and a sun as broad as can be.  Rain, snow, sleet and slush are all extreme nuisances; nights are good, but only warm ones in summer or, at the very least, early autumn.  He is a trifle picky in this regard.

6. If he had magic, how would it manifest itself?

The Assassin's magic would be of the elemental sort; he could command fire and water, but I believe earth and air would be his primary domains.  He would be, I think, extremely powerful in a raw, unfinished way; however, it is perhaps just as well that he does not have magic.

7. What are his favorite clothes?

The ones he wears.  He is not one to take careful note of what he has on - it's a wonder he has never forgotten clothes entirely.  He has a blue cloak that has been in his possession a long time, smells horrible and is quite worse for wear; I doubt he would comprehend anyone's objections to it, nor would it occur to him ever to give it up.  He is fastidious about his gloves, big leather things that he stitched himself and of which he is inordinately proud.

8. Is he musical?

Good gracious, no. This failing does not, however, keep him from singing and whistling with gusto and no tune.

9. Does he have any annoying habits?  Any habits at all?

Whistling is one of his primary habits, and even the birds find that irritating.  When he has once hit upon a joke that amuses him, he is likely to repeat it often in daily conversation; it will still tickle him six months later, and by the time a year has passed it will have cemented itself in his vocabulary (but he'll have forgotten its origin).  He fusses inarticulately to himself, burns things a great deal, always buys irksome horses, and refuses to bathe.

10. What do other characters think about him?

As a travel companion, Regina thinks him trying but, on the whole, not as bad as he could be.  She thinks he smells, that three quarters of his mind have not matured one jot since he was five years old, and that eight times out ten he has not the least notion what he is doing.  His religion, or lack thereof, is a source of irritation and wonder to her; his macabre jokes rub her fur all the wrong way.  However, she also admits him to be rather clever, in his own way, and not altogether unamusing.

Others tend not to think of him at all, or, if they do, they think him a sort of bodyguard or servant - or Saxon.  Animals are fond of him, though, probably because they always manage to extract treats from him.  If he had but one lump of sugar, he would give it to his horse (but it wouldn't be much of a sacrifice, because he doesn't like sugar in his tea anyhow). 


  1. I'm looking forward to reading this story sometime.

  2. Haven't read, but the title makes me snort. (inside, anyway)


  3. Lol. Sounds like an interesting guy!

  4. As always, I love the Assassin. I think Regina is a saint not to box his ears in as often as she would probably like to. Yet for some dangblasted reason, despite all his quirks and fears of bathing, you like the guy. Unmitigated liketude. Like Eugene FitzHerbert, but with more explosions...

  5. So fascinating! You have such a way of painting people -- he is so unique, with definite quirks and other things that make him sound real. I hope that someday we are all able to meet him in your book! I really enjoy these peeks into this delightfully enigmatic story of yours .... : )

  6. I like him. I'm a sworn Assassin-ian. If that is even a permissible term. This Beautiful People cements my likability for him. Like Jenny said...only I didn't like Eugene. "Wind 'im up, Mortimer. Wind him up." He didn't deserve Lizzy.

  7. He sounds like an interesting character to write. I am going to borrow some of your questions to interview my own characters, if you don't mind. :)

  8. I like the Assassin, Abigail! He seems wildly childish, sloppy and silly in turns but I can see why you like him ;). I was glancing at your Pinterest board for Tempus Regina and the pins conjured strange, emotive images to my mind of what your story might remotely be about. My curiosity is thoroughly piqued!!

    I've not done a Beautiful People in a long while, but I should like to write one for Jane. I have a feeling I'll uncover stuff beyond my preconceived notions of her...

  9. I like him! I should do this with my characters. Might help me to get to know them better. :)


  10. I'm glad the Assassin piques such interest! The title is, I admit, a bit incongruous - but he is an incongruous character.

    Jenny - It would take a comparison to the Assassin to make Regina seem a saint... And I think she would box his ears if she wasn't sure he would box hers in return.

    Kelsey - Why, thank you! I feel I can't take credit for it; to quote "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir," the characters just...happen!

    Rachel - Actually, I'm pretty sure Jenny was referring to Eugene in "Tangled," not "Our Mutual Friend." (Agreed, though: Lizzy was silly to go with him.) I thought you'd like the Assassin, as well as the "banter" in this story. I believe it is quite a ways up your alley.

    Rachel R. - Do! Most of these are actually from the original Beautiful People series, begun by Sky Destrian and Georgie Penn; it has been discontinued, but we recycle the old questions.

    Joy - "Wildly childish, sloppy and silly" is an accurate description; as usual, you have pegged the character accurately. And let me know if you do a post for Jane. My computer has a hard time with your blog, for some reason, but I'd like to read that.

    Becca - Beautiful People is a very helpful meme, I find; it forces the writer to put the character under a microscope. And enjoyable, which is always a plus!

  11. I am a little surprised that you have a hard time accessing my blog, Abigail. Perhaps that's due to the music badge on my blog. Do you think this may be a hindrance? I shall try to see if I cannot fix it, and if not, perhaps you'd like me to add you to my list of e-mail notifications for whenever I post something? I honestly had been wistfully wishing if maybe you could follow or comment on my blog sometime. But that's being pushy and silly, because I know you've got far too many blogs to keep up with already besides being so busy keeping up with your own blog and writing too. I confess keeping up with other people's blogs does take time from me as well :p. Definitely I shall notify you of my post on Jane when, Lord willing, I get to write it!

  12. Joy - I'm not sure if it's the music player, or the pictures along the side, or what. I haven't had trouble with other blogs that play music, so I can't imagine that is the issue. It's quite irksome not to see your posts, though! If you could sign me up to get notifications, that would be great.


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