February 1, 2012

February Snippets

I had intended to do some sort of thought-provoking post, but nights of little sleep and grey days aren't conducive to thoughtfulness. Fortunately, though, Katie S. has begun a monthly "story snippets" roundup over at Whisperings of the Pen, and I decided to join in. These are my

february snippets

Tip did not answer. The bullet was in place, so he took a better handle on the weapon, which was nearly too small for his hand, and turned so that he was looking down the stretch of battered grey stone to the empty rows forming a half-circle about the stage. There would have been people there, centuries ago, Tip mused, and we could have been the actors.

- the white sail's shaking

It was so dilapidated that the cover dangled by a mere thread and its pages were blistered into the humped form of a whale’s back, but Charlie had it cradled in one hand as though it were a lovely thing, his fingers rubbing absently at the binding.

- the white sail's shaking

Suddenly the fire on the Philadelphia reached her powder, and with a shock that tore the air in a brilliant flash of red the frigate exploded. Sparks and fragments flew upward and then showered the harbor and city like falling stars, lovely and dizzying, and though there was no need, Tip recoiled all the same and instinctively put up a hand as if to protect himself. The debris settled, hissing into the harbor; on the surface of the water the remnants of the Philadelphia still burned angrily, long flaming tongues licking the sky.

- the white sail's shaking

Then the tesser came. It screamed down the tunnel, a formless explosion of light and rain, consuming the grey; and when Alex plunged forward, it consumed her, too.

- tesser 004

And yet [Tip] must have found something, for he laughed—and that, too, was a strange sound—and began to shepherd her on to find Mr. Worth. What strange people are thrown together in this little island world, [Marta] thought as she half-skipped to keep up with him. And I have wrecked on it.

- the white sail's shaking


  1. The White Sails Shaking sounds really interesting! Thanks for sharing these excerpts, Abigail, it is amazing how descriptive and vivid each of those few excerpts are. I love them!

  2. Tesser oo4? I don't see that on your sidebar!

    White Sail's shaking sounds really interesting!

  3. Great snippets, Abigail. Really enjoyed them.

  4. These are delightful and evocative, Abigail. You've got a masterful way with words, treating your pen like a paintbrush, that lends vigor and vibrancy to the page.

    Thank you for sharing your snippets with us. :)

  5. Yay for Snippets! I think this will be the only way to satisfy ourselves as to our hunger for the "White Sails". ;) Thanks for sharing it and I hope you had fun with Jenny today! :) [Yes, I know about your Wednesdays together--she tells all. ;]

  6. Joy - Thank you! You're very sweet.

    Ashley - Alas, Tesser 004 was just a "blurb" I wrote up for a contest - 100 words and no more. Perhaps, though, it will one day expand into something larger.

    Gabrielle - Glad you liked them!

    Megan - To have my writing called "evocative" by you is high praise; you weave so much emotion and color into your descriptions. It's very pleasing to know that these bits and pieces struck a chord with you.

    Rachel - To quote Anne Shirley: "My life is an open book, I see!" (I'm afraid it would be a very dull one if it were.) I'm glad you liked my snippets; I liked yours very much, too, and want to see more of The Scarlet-Gypsy Song. Fitz-Hughes is such an interesting villain!

  7. I adore that picture, and I think the second snippet is my favourite. Bravo! ^.^

  8. Isn't it a gorgeous picture? If I knew who made it, I would certainly credit them. And as Tip has little time for books, it's nice to know that one of my characters is fond of them!

  9. The third White Sails snippet is my favorite. (Though, you should know with your writing, it is terribly hard ever to pick a favorite of anything it is all so equally wonderful.) I love how big it felt as I read, as if the passage were truly coming to life before my eyes. Bravo.

    Thanks for joining Snippets. ^.^

  10. Oh, thank you for beginning it! It's most enjoyable. And I'm glad you liked these bits; the Philadelphia's demise was particularly interesting to depict, so it's nice to know that it came out sounding "real." (As my nephew would say: "It was like, KABOOM! and KAPSSSSH!")


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