February 20, 2012

Favorite Things

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens? Well, I am fond of whiskers, or rather the kittens (hopefully) attached to them, but otherwise Maria's song holds little interest for me: I haven't had a schnitzel in my life, and my packages don't come in brown paper tied up with string. Our kettle isn't bright copper, either.

I have, however, been thinking about a few of my own favorite things. It has been a lovely day, sunny and blue and a tad chilly, but mild enough to open the windows; perhaps that is why my thoughts have been rambling down happy trails. At any rate, raindrops on roses aside, here are some comfortable things that brighten my life.

family & friends // my church // old, cloth-bound books that smell of dust and bookshops // my cat // cool, sunny days // blankets and comfy armchairs // writing // tea and tea cups // chocolate (!) // trains at night // jane austen // book-hunting // notebooks // letters // owl city // my characters actually behaving // merlin // my bookshelves // sailing ships // imagining // pocket watches // stephen decatur // history // things that glitter and sparkle // autumn // stars // charlie bent // passages in scripture that just stand out // scribblin' by hand // "you too?" moments // purrs & whiskers // saturday evenings // packages in the mail.

The list could go on. There are little things everywhere that cheer me, little things that may be insignificant when one looks at the whole picture, but which are no less important for that. They say the Devil's in the details and in the context I suppose They are right; but when I look around, I see God's hand in the details.


  1. Loved this post, Abigail!! I've found that I agree with almost of your favorite things.

  2. Yes...yes...yes...yes, there are many of those whith which I quite agree. :-)

  3. YES! This reminds me of my 'glimpses of goodness' project-thing-ie, and I LOVE the picture you posted. GORGEOUS. I can relate to almost every one of your favorite things =)
    ~ Mirriam

  4. Subtract the cat and add in: Abigail's writing and Jenny's writing (and fuzzy mittens...), and you've got my list of happy things too.

    You are awesome. Thanks for this. ^.^

  5. So many of your favourite things are mine as well :D It was fun reading this, and very much in style with your interests I think! Thanks for sharing this, Abigail!


  6. Oh, and I agree... "when I look around, I see God's hand in the details..." :)

  7. This list is so delightful, Abigail, and so very you. Thank you for it, and especially for the ending sentence that thrilled and heartened me. ^.^

  8. *happy sigh* All of the book, reading, and writing favorites definitely appeal to me. I have a few books sitting on my shelf that I want to get down just to touch and smell! :) I think I'm going to write my own favorite things post now!

  9. Ditto to the old cloth books--or really, old books of any kind. I plan to have a vast personal library someday. Scribblin' by hand--yup, done that too. I think it keeps something organic in the writing.

    When I come to "my characters actually behaving," I disagree. One of my characters was supposed to die a dramatic death by a horrific plague, but he insisted on living, and consequently the whole story was turned upside-down and greatly improved. Another of my characters was supposed to be a background nobody, but then he emerged from nowhere as a pivotal character just when a powerful yet vulnerable female character needed him most... You get the idea. I like it when my characters don't behave.

    Oh, and as for chocolate, that's Vitamin C--a very necessary nutrient for the writer.

  10. I had no idea this post would end up being so popular; it was little more than a whim in the first place. But I am very glad you all enjoyed it.

    Yaasha - I must say that when characters misbehave in productive ways, I agree with you. But when they plop down in a fit of the sulks and won't talk to me or do anything whatsoever - ! Now that is what I can't stand.

    Chocolate should be its own food group. Just saying.

  11. Oh, well, if you're talking about characters that won't do anything at all, I agree with you completely. Even misbehavior is preferable to inertia.

    As for the chocolate: If you form a committee to spearhead the official acceptance of your proposal, count me in!

  12. This is a good reminder to appreciate the little things. :) Thanks for sharing!

  13. Yes, Abigail, His hand is definitely in the details!
    Open windows on mild days...


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