June 20, 2013

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I have not been terribly vocal about Tempus Regina over the last few months - really, since I wrote Lionheart in March.  Was it as long ago as that?  Goodness!  But my silence has not been to imply that I haven't been working assiduously over here in my little writing corner, which is in fact not a corner at all; I have been writing.  The silence proceeds more from not wanting to give much away, from the frightful conceptual tangle that is the story, and from my closing in on the end than from any dillydallying. 

But now that I am approaching, by fits and starts, the final chapter of this book, I thought it might be a good idea to do (belatedly) the same thing that Jenny is doing for her novel Gingerune.  That is, invite you all to ask questions. Obviously the plot seems fairly clear to me, but considering my oysterishness, you probably find it about as clear as mud.  I don't promise to answer all questions - asking who Regina's love-interest is, for instance, will not help you and might get you beaten with a spoon - but as long as I can work out a reply without giving spoilers, I'll be happy to do so. 

So what would you like to ask?  What things have I said to baffle you?  What nonsense is it that I've been writing?

bring it on.


  1. Here's one thing I've wondered: does Tempus Regina take place in the real world, or an imaginary one? You've referenced Victorian England, but on the other hand I've gotten the sense that it's fantasy.

  2. I've just started keeping up with your blog so I really know nothing at all about your book, but I'll try to come up with some questions. :) (I just saw your pinterest board by the way, and it looks awesome.)

    1. What is the theme you want to convey in your book? (Good vs. Evil, Hope, Love, Betrayal, ect.)
    2. I've seen pins on your board about elements and wardings and such. Do you include some sort of magic in this book?

  3. Hi Abigail,

    I've been reading your blog for some little time now...several months, I believe...but I haven't ever commented until now. I must tell you, I have greatly enjoyed reading your posts. Your writing style is impressive; it's very clear and coherent, and intelligently worded without being verbose. I'm hoping to read The Soldier's Cross soon. (I recently purchased it, but it was back-ordered. :/ I don't know when I'll get it.)

    I'm truly looking forward to reading Tempus Regina. It sounds so fascinating! Here are my questions: first, how does Regina travel back in time? Second, who exactly is the assassin, who is he working for, and what is his goal? Third...

    Is he her love-interest? :)

    I hope you can answer some of these. I know how hard it is to give details of your book without revealing too much information! My own solution for that problem is usually to remain entirely mute on the subject. But that's probably not the best approach...


    1. I'm so glad you enjoy these posts! They're sometimes rather scattered, and certainly not as regular as they ought to be, but it's encouraging to know that people have as much fun reading them as I have writing them.

      I'm not sure why The Soldier's Cross would be back-ordered, but if it still is, you're welcome to purchase it directly from my blog. If you go to the "My Books" page, you'll see a place to buy via PayPal. It's $11, not including shipping - and you get an autograph. Ta da! But whichever way you end up getting it, I hope you enjoy!

  4. Ok so is Regina in any way related the the Arthurian legends? What is your inciting event? Can we have a longish snippet with the assassin in it? How is Tempus Regina related to Gingerune? I heard something about that awhile ago and it drove me nearly wild with curiosity.

    Does your story focus more on a friendship or on a romance or a friendship/romance {which is the best kind I think}? Is there any connection between Morgaine and Morgana Le Fay? I hope not. I love Morgaine.

  5. Where does the story begin and how will the character's well, character, change over the course of the story?

    I'm trying to finish my book (it's sort of finished but I feel like I don't know my characters well enough).

  6. Re: the time-travel, do you adhere to any strict rules and/or address the cause-effect paradoxes involved, or in true Whovian fashion do you just use the concept and ignore the paradoxes until one of them happens to make a convenient plot hook?

    Does the Assassin regret any of his kills? (To avoid spoilerisms, you can limit this to kills before the story starts.) (But because time-travel, before is problematic, so, to kills before the intersection of his own personal continuity with the personal continuity of Regina, or, in the event, the personal continuities of any other important characters with which his own personal continuity has intersected or will intersect in any sort of way, timey-wimey or otherwise.)

    1. When I've sorted that out, you'll get a proper answer; but to tide you over...


    2. I see your inscrutable hyperactive anime Wunderkind and raise you ponies saying "No" for five minutes.
      ....you just watched ponies say "No" for five minutes, didn't you.

    3. I didn't, actually. I managed five seconds.
      ...but ponies saying "no" for five minutes also applies to the topic, yes.

  7. Ohhhh...I would ask you a question but I am too afraid of ending up like this guy: http://youtu.be/jibui-xvFOY
    (the spoon comes in at about the :30s mark)

    1. If I were that amazing, my story would be writing itself.

  8. I wanted to ask all those brilliant questions (because you've given us the opportunity we've all dreamed of), but I see mostly everyone has asked the questions I've had on my mind as well, Abigail; but here are a few too. Enjoy hitting me with the proverbial spoon if you like ;).

    (p.s. I asked Jenny much the same questions, for some)

    1. I am curious to know if like in C.S. Lewis' Space Trilogy Christianity is an obvious and uncloaked element in your characters' faith as it is in our own world without allegories or parallels or does Regina or the Assasin or any other character for that matter and the religion/beliefs of the characters within it more resemble Tolkien's Lord of the Rings or C.S. Lewis' Narnia in relation to the Christian element? What is the religious-system of Tempus Regina's world?

    2. Could you tell us more about the Assassin, pretty please?!! Where is he from, what time-period, what is his occupation, does he have a love-interest, etc? I WANNA KNOW!!!

    3. What is the greatest theme or purpose that so far prevails in Tempus Regina?

    4. Do you have a clear outline for Tempus Regina written out which you are using as you write this first draft, or are 'just writing' it?

    5. Who is the greatest villain in your book?

    6. Do any of your characters originally come from outside of our own planet earth?

    7. I liked Kay, Regina's brother. Can you tell us more about him? What's wrong with him (as in, if he was born handicapped or retarded), and what are some of his skills and talents? His personality?

    8. May we have more snippets and scenes from Tempus Regina? We'll be good, but we want to know!

    9. What's Regina's greatest fear? Her biggest dream/hope/goal?

    ... these are my questions; just to name a few of course!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I would ask who Regina's love interest is, but getting beaten with a spoon isn't very high on my bucket list. We'll wait on that one.

    In the meantime, what originally inspired Tempus Regina? Is the current TR anything like what the original was to be? Do you set daily writing goals for yourself, or do you just write, write, write, until you feel sufficiently expended? Was TR one of those books that other younger works of literature (unpublished) sort of worked up to, or does it stand on its own?

    Thank you muchly. ^_^


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