June 28, 2013

As Dreams Are Made On

we are such stuff as dreams are made on,
and our little life is rounded with a sleep.

- shakespeare, the tempest

I considered doing a post on the Assassin next, since people wanted it so badly (and since I actually know what I want to say on that subject).  But that wouldn't be orderly and anyhow, I like to keep everyone guessing, so I decided instead to address the question of Tempus Regina's setting.  It came up a couple times, and it seems there is as much confusion about that as there was - and probably still is - about the whole time travel business.  Hopefully I can give a clearer answer this time.

...does Tempus Regina take place in the real world, or an imaginary one? You've referenced Victorian England, but on the other hand I've gotten the sense that it's fantasy.
[elisabeth grace foley

do any of your characters originally come from outside of our own planet earth? 

Elisabeth, you've hit the proverbial hammer on the head.  Tempus Regina is technically "historical fantasy," which means the answer is yes and yes.  It deals with real time periods (Victorian England, for example) and even some real people, but  it also incorporates time travel and dragons and, yes, also some "magic," so it obviously can't be marketed as straight historical fiction.  It's funky.

The best example of the genre that occurs to me off the top of my head is Anne McCaffrey's Black Horses for the King, a mostly historical novel set during the time after the abandonment of Britain by Rome, when the man who became the legendary King Arthur probably lived.  But we don't actually know that he lived at all, and since the story deals with legends, it's "historical fantasy."  And Tempus Regina is even more fantasy-driven than that.

In answer to Joy, the story takes place entirely in the real world; there is no inter-dimensional travel, not even of the vague That Hideous Strength brand.  Everyone is from Here, though whether everyone is human is debatable.  This also somewhat answers the question about religion in the story, but I'm planning on giving that its own post, since it demands fuller explanation.

...so is Regina in any way related to the Arthurian legends? ...is there any connection between Morgaine and Morgan le Fay?  I hope not.  I love Morgaine.

Tempus Regina is, like Black Horses for the King, a novel of legends - a novel of the stuff that "dreams are made on."  When she travels back in time - when she finds herself burdened with the role of time queen - Regina is tangled up in the threads of the two most fantastic and enduring legends of Western culture. Which legends those are is, for the moment, open to speculation...though I will say that those of you putting money on Arthurian legend are more likely to see a return on the investment.

As for Morgaine, she is, well, Morgaine.  And not as likeable as her Beautiful People appearance has (it seems) led many to believe.  In fact she's quite annoying and I'd like to hit her with a frying pan.  Interpret that as you will.


  1. "A novel of legends." I like the sound of that, I do. My own massive Britannic saga shrinks when I look at Tempus Regina. I like all your characters and your story, and the way in which you weave the great legends of Western civilization (or, rather, the stories of the end of civilization) into your novel, and can I do the same legends justice? I. don't. think so.

    "Is this to be endured? It shall not be!"


  2. Rats I liked morgaine. Now I'm curious about the second Legend. Oh dear you do love to torment us Abigail.

    1. It's true. I admit it. Now I'll go work on being genuinely sorry!

    2. Well I admire you for it, I always give to much stuff away on my blog.

  3. I'm not . . . quite . . . sure, but methinks Tempus Regina is my favorite of your books so far. The mingling of fantasy and history in one volume sounds terribly interesting. Regina as a person is Wholly Other, though, and I can only wager a guess at what she'll become by story's end. Tip and Marta were a bit more likeable by typical standards, but that was their charm, and Regina's, I think, lies in being darkly mysterious and secretive. Anything else wouldn't be her. She fits the role of time queen quite perfectly.

    1. This comment was an extra bit of sunshine in my day. I hope this story will be a favorite. While I know that not every story I write will appeal to everybody, I'd like each one to be a little better, a little more intricate. As for Regina, I think you've captured her: she isn't all that likeable, at least not in the way characters typically are. I just hope readers like her anyhow!

  4. Tempus Regina sounds absolutely fascinating! I wasn't sure about it before simply because I just didn't know anything about it, but now I'm completely sold and interested.

    1. Good! That was the primary purpose of these question-and-answer sessions - to let people know a little more about the story and get them interested - and it seems to be working!

  5. I can't wait till someone takes up your marvelous works of story to publish so I can read them. :P This one sounds really interesting, exciting and fascinating.

    1. Thank you! One of these days I'm sure it will be available, one way or another. That's the goal, anyhow!

  6. Fun stuff! Thanks for answering these questions, Abigail; now that a glint of light has been cast upon this mysterious but highly intriguing darkness, I am on tenterhooks to read all your books, Tempus Regina not least of all!!!

    Spoons and Fiddlesticks! DO WE HAVE TO WAIT for Assassin to feature? Something tells me the Assassin is of another sort, other than human ;). But I better put a cork on my bottle of curiosity.

    1. He'll be coming along shortly, I think. The problem is that if I go ahead and put up his post now, I won't have everyone hanging about waiting for it - and I like making people hang about and wait! As for what he is, that is a subject for the book itself to answer.


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