June 5, 2013

Book Sale

Last June, The Soldier's Cross and The Shadow Things were on sale for $0.99.  It seems to be a summer trend, because we're participating this year in a larger "indie" e-book sale.  (I don't think we qualify as indie, but they very nicely let us join anyhow.)  If you haven't had a chance to get the novels yet, or know of someone who would like some historical fiction to read, click a button and get them on your Kindle!  Be sure to check out the other participants as well; whatever your tastes, you're pretty certain to find something that suits.  (And that includes Finding the Core of Your Story.)

Be sure to join in the giveaway, too, by spreading the word about the sale.  The grand prize is a $100 Amazon giftcard, so take a moment to tweet, or like, or follow, or do whatever the recipe calls for you to do.  'Cuz prizes are awesome.  Enter via the Rafflecopter at the bottom of the post.

here are the books in the sale:

By Luke Alistar
By Kendra E. Ardnek
By Katie Lynn Daniels
By Molly Evangeline
By Ophelia - Marie Flowers
By Elisabeth Grace Foley
By Jennifer Freitag
By Jessica Greyson
By Aubrey Hansen
By Sarah Holman
By Abigail J. Hartman
By Holy Worlds
By Rebekah Jones
By Elizabeth Kaiser
By Jacob Lauser
By J. Grace Pennington
By Jordan Smith
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  1. Ooh, an Amazon gift card! This is like gold to us online shoppers. ;)
    And now I think I'll go on a bit of a book-spree, considering the prices of these books.

    Thanks for telling us!

    1. Have fun! I was particularly interested in "The Silver Shawl" and "Peter's Angel," but I don't have a Kindle or any other e-reading device, so I've just got to wait until they're available in Real Format.

    2. Abigail, Peter's Angel is available in paperback, actually. As for The Silver Shawl, I'm planning on publishing the Mrs. Meade stories in hard copy once I have a few to collect in one volume—the reason being that they're not really long enough to fill a book apiece.

  2. I am so excited to be a part of this sale!

    1. I'm impressed with the number of authors who joined!

  3. Methinks that photo you used looks vaguely familiar . . .

    This sounds like a wonderful sale, but alas, I have no iPad, Kindle, or other electronic method of reading. (I pledge to read the written word, world without end, amen.) I'll be spreading the word as best I can, though!

    1. I don't have any, either; I think I'll stick with physical books for a long time to come. But hey, inexpensive is inexpensive, no matter what format it's in!

  4. Ohh, this is so exciting! Especially the amazon giveaway...

    I am not really fond of kindle and ebooks and all that sort of stuff especially since I only have an iPod which is rather irksome for reading with such tiny print (real books are best!). But I have a kindle account with which I occasionally buy a cheap or free book so if ever I get a proper electronic device, I could make use of it :D.

    I just wanted to say I think I might have entered the giveaway twice? I first entered in with my e-mail on my iPod but I couldn't really figure if I entered proper so I just entered via facebook on my laptop - I am so sorry about that, I hope that wasn't cheating, Abigail!


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