August 13, 2011

Day Two {Male Author}

Day two on Lerowen's Fifteen Day Challenge list deals with your favorite male author. I peered at the question and pondered the question and formulated tentative answers to the question without success. I might say C.S. Lewis, but Jenny already said Lewis and I hate to be redundant. I might say James Fenimore Cooper because his The Last of the Mohicans is one of my all-time favorite books, but currently that is the only book of his that I have read, so that might sound silly. I might say Charles Dickens, but one has to be in the right mood to enjoy Dickens. So the result?

I have no favorite male author. My favorite books are my comfort books, and they are all, I believe, written by female authors; most of the other books on my shelves are ones that I very much enjoy, but not ones that I would call "favorites." Or perhaps I have so many favorites that I can't dig through the heap to find one that I could call my really, really favorite. What I read depends on my mood, so I thought I would give my favorite male authors based on that.

for a cheerful, sunny day

Dickens. He isn't the sort of fellow you read on a gloomy winter day when you're in a gloomy winter mood, unless you like that feeling of depression and cheerlessness; but when I am feeling particularly "up," he is at least one of my favorite authors to read. He is quite verbose, which annoys some people, but I love his caustic wit and his sparkling casts of characters. The reader must trek through a great deal of darkness to reach the end, but I like that in most of his works, there's light when you come out of the tunnel.

what I have read

A Christmas Carol
The Pickwick Papers
Martin Chuzzlewit
Little Dorrit

for a rainy autumn day

C.S. Lewis. Despite my desire not to copy Jenny, I can't give a list of favorite authors without including Lewis. Again, I have to be in the right mood for him; I have to be able to handle the otherworldly longing, the mix of sorrow and joy, that threads through many of his works. I can't simply pick up Till We Have Faces any day of the week without feeling the need to cry because of the beauty and reality of the truths that Lewis paints. But it would not be true to say that C.S. Lewis is not still a favorite, because of more so than despite the painful loveliness in his books.

what I have read

The Chronicles of Narnia (7)
The Space Trilogy (3)
Till We Have Faces
The Screwtape Letters
The Great Divorce
Mere Christianity
An Experiment in Criticism


  1. I can't pick favorite authors (or favorite anythings), generally. How does one pick a favorite over a sea of so many good ones?

    I love Dickens. ^.^

  2. That's exactly how I feel. I enjoy so many different books and so many different authors' writing styles that I find it impossible to narrow the scope down to one "favorite."

    And Dickens is great.

  3. Dickens! Oh, I adore Dickens. The Tale of Two Cities is one of the most heartbreakingly beautiful stories I have ever read.

    Oh, and can I squee? Abigail is doing the challenge! ^.^ Perhaps I will join in, too...

  4. Oh, and don't feel as if you have to do it again, but I awarded you over on my blog. Just letting you know. ^.^

  5. Dickens! ^o^ I'm ashamed to say I've only read two of his novels...if time permitted, I would not hesitate to read more! "A Tale of Two Cities" and "Great Expectations" are two of the best books I have ever read. "Tale" is my personal favorite, however. Tied with "Les Miserables." :)


  6. Aw, thanks, Katie! That was sweet of you. As to the challenge, I would love to see your answers. I warn you, though, it's harder than it looks.

    Keaghan - I still have far too many Dickens novels to read: Bleak House, A Tale of Two Cities, Great Expectations, Oliver Twist, David Copperfield... I've read some of the less popular ones, but I've sadly neglected some of the others.

  7. Hello!
    I think you've already been awarded this; but I just awarded you on my blog!
    ~ Mirriam

  8. Thank you, Mirriam! That's really sweet of you. I highly commend your other choices, too.


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