August 24, 2011

Beautiful People - Ethan Prince

It's time for the August edition of Georgie and Sky's Beautiful People! Everyone ought to be on the bandwagon by now, but in case a few people are still jogging along in the dust behind it, here is the point:

Once a month Sky and Georgie post a collection of ten questions for writers to answer about their characters. This can either be for you to get to know the character better, or for others to get a glimpse into the personality of said character. You can answer one question, or a few questions, or all of them; the rules are not strict.

Last month after doing Justin I promised to do Ethan Prince next, since it seems rather unfair to do one but not the other. So here is a little peek into the personality of the other main character of Wordcrafter,

the Hound

1. What is your character's full name?

Ethan Prince, Hound of Tera.

2. Does his name have a special meaning?

Ethan stole his “Christian” name from a little boy in Edinburgh who mistook him for a homeless man and gave him chocolate. He earned the name “Hound” when he brought down a wolf on his first hunt and killed it with his teeth. (Lovely, I know.)

3. What is his biggest accomplishment?

Ethan may be prince of Tera, but Tera is a small world: there isn’t much to accomplish. He does not dream of doing anything particularly grand, and considers his biggest accomplishments to come when he defeats himself.

4. What is his strongest childhood memories?

Ethan has many childhood memories, some better than others. His worst are of his father after an evening of drink. His best are of sitting with his mother in the garden on autumn afternoons, when the flowers were still blooming but the leaves had turned red and golden, and of her voice.

5. What is his favorite food?

I don’t think he really has a favorite food, but if he does I can bet it isn’t Justin’s spaghetti.

6. Does he believe in love at first sight?

No. Ethan is far too clear-minded to believe in something like that, which is perhaps why he took such a violent dislike to Jamie.

7. What kind of home does he live in?

Ethan lives in the Horsemen’s Palace. His room was once his mother’s, and after her death he moved into it; it is one of the upper rooms looking down on the courtyard through a wide stretch of windows, very bright, but not cozily furnished.

8. What does he like to wear?

Ethan wears the traditional clothing of the Horsemen—tunic and breeches—designed for long days on horseback. He also frequently wears a long, sleeveless red overcoat.

9. What would he do if he discovered he was dying?

He would probably withdraw into himself, and there I can’t pry into his thoughts.

10. What kind of holidays or traditions does he celebrate?

The Horsemen celebrate the coming of autumn with their harvest fires and the dance they call the Harvest Knot, which Ethan has taken part in since he came of age. Weddings usually come with a week’s worth of celebration.

11. What do your other characters have to say about him?

Have to say, or have to think? Those are very different things. Jamie calls him “strange” and “different.” Justin stands a little in awe of him, half-terrified at times of his wildness and vivacious personality. Copper, in her grave way, calls him a good man.

12. If he could change one thing in hisworld, what would it be?

He would have Jamie killed, or make her never to have existed. Ethan is not a very patient or forgiving individual, and if there is one person in either world whom he hates, it’s Jamie Fairbairn.


  1. Yay, violence!


    Yay, Ethan!

    Wait, that's the same thing.

    I just have to say, the more I learn about Ethan, the cooler he gets. Actually, he may be the only person I've met whom you could call "hot," not in the conventional way, but because he has such a warm and flaming personality.

    Also, I don't want to think about Justin making spaghetti. O.o

  2. Yes, Ethan doesn't want to think about it either. Worst meal of his life.

    He does have a very flaming personality, which is why I find it interesting that when he gets in a temper, he goes very cold. Maybe it's just because he's so warm all the rest of the time that he goes into reverse when angry, the way other people get hot when mad.

  3. It sounds perfectly reasonable. I'm that way. Tim says I go white when I am furious.

    I didn't know that bit about Ethan and the wolf. I have to say, very awesome. And Listerine. I have to say Listerine.

  4. And I have to say that I about died reading your comments.

    I squealed when this post popped up in my notifications. "More Wordcrafter! Joy and Marshmallows!" I cannot wait for this: I've said it before, I'll say it again. Each and every character you allow us to steal of glimpse of is wonderfully complex and original. And Ethan is awesome. Just awesome. And the picture is perfect.

    I am now terribly curious about Justin's spaghetti. :P

  5. Aw, thanks, Katie! You always have something positive to say. In regards to Justin's spaghetti, there wasn't anything horrifically wrong with it; he didn't poison it or burn the water, but he is not a very good cook and Ethan doesn't get the whole "edible string" idea.

  6. Me too, dear! I *love* Ethan, and I love the picture. :) And the wolf-bit is rather intriguing. And then again, anything that has to do with Edinburgh and Scotland in general is amazing...and dare I guess that Ethan has a Scottish accent because if he does....*swoon*. ;) I have a weakness for people of that country....I've never actually met a real Scot, but my sister has. Will life ever be fair? ;)

  7. Alas, Ethan does not have a Scottish accent; he's Tera-born, so he has a Tera-accent. But Justin probably has a bit of one, since he did most of his growing up there. I hope that makes up for it!

  8. Haha, I loved reading the comments too. :) He sounds like an intriguing fellow! I have a character who Ethan reminds me of, although I haven't looked at him in almost a year. Also, I would love to hear the extended stories of how he got his name. Sounds very interesting!

  9. Thanks, Eyebright! I may have to write up a section or two for when he gets his names. If I do, I'll be sure to post at least one.

  10. Haha! I think that Justin's accent might make up for Ethan's loss of Scotchness. ;) But Ethan sounds pretty amazing too. :) And the way you think he'd look is pretty great too. Gotta love Mr. Thornton! ;D

  11. Okay, Ethan definitely sounds interesting... especially that bit about the wolf. THAT'S definitely interesting. ;)

    I just love the idea of the traditions and celebrations, too... bonfires and a dance called the Harvest Knot? They sound so old-fashioned - and I love old-fashioned traditions/celebrations! :D

  12. Isn't that a picture of Richard Armitage?

  13. Yep, it sure is. Although I didn't see him act in anything until I was almost done writing Wordcrafter, he struck me as "Ethan" almost from the start.

  14. You've used Richard Armitage's photo- I adore him! Even as a horrible bad buy in Robin hood I couldn't hate him- he was just too wonderful.

    Now I'm all of a flutter again- though I think im not alone as he seems to have that effect on a lot of ladies.


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