September 10, 2013

What's It From?

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I was thinking the other day that I haven't had any snippets to share with Scribbles' readers in a long time, which is a bummer - especially when people like Jenny and Mirriam are offering theirs up with pretty fair regularity.  (Never let it be said that writers aren't a petty lot!)  I think a few of you asked several months back if I would be able to show you anything from Tempus Regina. Unfortunately, as a story progresses I find myself with less and less I can share without spilling a whole lot of beans, and by the time I've reached the end of a novel I can't seem to dig up any bits at all.  This has been particularly true of Tempus Regina, as even characters' names are in many instances being kept under wraps.

So - no real snippets post.  However, after beating my brain around a little bit, I thought it might be fun to give you a sort of challenge.  Most of you have, from previous snippets and general information, at least a hazy idea of the plot and voice of each of my novels.  What I want to see is whether or not you have a good enough idea to be able to match any snippet I share with its novel.  It's something of an academic exercise for me: I want to know how much light I've shed on these books and how different the style is from one to another, or, conversely, how constant my voice is. But, too, you wanted snippets.  So I shall give you snippets.

They will be from my major novels: Wordcrafter, The White Sail's Shaking and The Running Tide (these are essentially one book, so if you want you can say Sea Fever; kudos if you can guess which!), and Tempus Regina.  I won't list any from The Soldier's Cross, partially because I believe most of you have read it, partially because I wrote it four years ago and I'm pretty sure the stylistic difference would be too obvious.  I'm not sharing one each, so there will be some overlap, but I also won't throw in anything random just to confuse you.  It's a straight matching game.

snippet #1

Instinctively [he] looked down, uncurling both fists to show the bloody palms underneath; he had been too numb since the beginning of the engagement to notice that he had ground the blunt stubs of his fingernails through the surface. He covered them again. “I’m alright,” he said, and the words came out in a dry rasp.

snippet #2

Squinting up into the face of the nurse, who had fallen from chatter into nondescript humming, [he] parted his lips and said, “I’m mad, aren’t I?”

The nurse started, and then considered him a long moment with a furrow between her freckled brows. She took him in, and weighed him, and then seemed to have a good long think before pronouncing judgment. “No,” she said simply, “I don’t think so. They would have told me if you were."

snippet #3

“Well,” he said, not very graciously, “I suppose we’ll have to keep you. But I wish—I wish you hadn’t gotten yourself into this mess.”

snippet #4

“You came in haste,” he went on, eyeing her sidelong, working back and forth, and back and forth, the great silver ring on his left hand. The fire made its inset stone shine out ragingly blue—made the flaw in it stark, and cast up a reflection on the man’s jaw. “You came in haste and now you hesitate, and so I suppose it is bad news. Eh?”

snippet #5

He lifted his narrow shoulders helplessly. “I did not mean to provoke you. Only, it struck me that you looked lonely. You looked as though you wanted company. You looked,” he added, having to raise his voice against the roar of an explosion down below, “the way I felt myself.”

“Did I?” she hummed, sidestepping. “I had no notion of that.”

snippet #6

“[He] was asking for you, you know. I think he was afraid you might come back, and what a pity! here you are.”

snippet #7

She released him, drawing herself rigid to avoid a fall. Her legs were going…going… She made it as far as the chair, sat down, had time enough to thank God it had a back, and then felt the whole of the room slide into darkness.

snippet #8

Wordlessly he crossed the room and hauled himself up on the corner of the desk, not quite able to hold back the shivering sigh that hissed out at the relief of letting his bad leg dangle, of feeling his bones ease with the creaking of an old man’s limbs.

snippet #9

But the men, the guard with the nose-ring and another [he] knew only vaguely, did not summon him. They stood a while, shoulder to shoulder, watching [him] while he put his back up against a wall and watched them in return; then they came down from the threshold together, the first man spun his javelin, and the second drove the door back into its socket. The light was cut short; the half-dark returned, warm now with the presence of two new bodies, glittering as the spear-heads turned.

“What’s this?” [he] breathed. “What are the two of you about?”


  1. Oh crumb muffins. I came rather late to the game and you're so close with TR that I'll be mostly guessing. By late to the game, I mean I didn't follow your blog till AFTER Wordcrafter was a wrap. So I'm winging this, but I think I have a fair guess:

    1. Sea Fever (White Sails Shaking)
    2. Wordcrafter
    3. Tempus Regina
    4. Tempus Regina
    5. Sea Fever (White Sails Shaking)
    6. Sea Fever (The Running Tide)
    7. Tempus Regina
    8. Wordcrafter
    9. Wordcrafter

    Well well well. I probably botched it, but there it is! This was fun! ^.^

  2. Hmm, let's see. I don't know if I know some of these well enough to make an educated guess, but I'll take a stab at it...

    Sea Fever: 1,3 and 5?
    Tempus Regina: 4,6,7,9?
    Wordcrafter: 2,8?

  3. Okay, these are all mad stabs in the dark because I'm finding I don't know as much about your books as I would wish. But I'll try anyway, and this is a good idea! :)

    1. The White Sail's Shaking
    2. The White Sail's Shaking
    3. Wordcrafter
    4. Tempus Regina
    5. The Running Tide
    6. Tempus Regina
    7. Tempus Regina
    8. Wordcrafter
    9.The Running Tide

    Those are my guesses, but as I said, there's hardly anything sustaining them. :P I thoroughly expect to be wrong on every one - but they are still snippets. ;) (And I do like them!)

  4. Well, methinks I'm a bit behind, but I'll cast my lot with the rest all the same. :)

    1. The White Sail's Shaking
    2. Wordcrafter
    3. The White Sail's Shaking
    4. Wordcrafter
    5. The Running Tide
    6. Wordcrafter
    7. Tempus Regina
    8. Wordcrafter
    9. Wordcrafter

  5. I think many of my guesses would match the others' guesses, but I just want to thank you for the snippets! It's a fun game and I can't wait to find out which novel each one is from. I'm looking forward to reading all of these one day!

  6. Ohhh, Abigail - that's fun, but you play the rules of this game with such secrecy, I feel like a blurry night owl gazing stupidly at a silvery bright morning. Okay, okay... here is my ten cent's worth guess:

    1. Wordcrafter (I would have said The White Sail's Shaking on second guess though, since Tip is more likely than not to get a bloody fist - but I fancy there is a slight scent of Justin King in it, though I may be greatly mistaken!)
    2. Wordcrafter
    3. Tempus Regina
    4. Tempus Regina
    5. White Sail's Shaking
    6. Tempus Regina
    7. White Sail's Shaking
    8. Wordcrafter
    9. Tempus Regina

    ...spoons and fiddlesticks, I am sure I got it all mixed up :). Will you tell us?

  7. You guys are so much fun. It amuses me to see which ones are obvious to everyone, and which ones you're all getting (consistently!) wrong. Some of you are doing better than others... And yes, I will be revealing the answers pretty soon! I wouldn't just leave you hanging. That would be mean.

  8. I think...

    1. The Sea Odyssey/Sea Quest/Sea Misadventures/ Sea fever books (I don't like "Sea Fever" very much)
    2. Sea Odyssey
    3. Tempus Regina
    4. WordCrafter
    5. Tempus Regina
    6. Sea Fever
    7. Sea Fever
    8. Tempus Regina
    9. Wordcrafter

    I do want to read these books soon! But they're not out yet...

    1. Wow.

      You do realize that you can't just rename an author's book just because you don't like the title, right? There are plenty of titles out there that I don't like, but that doesn't give me the right to rename them. Let's not do that, okay? Good show.


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