September 3, 2013

Bits and Pieces

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College began last week.  There was the usual (at least I presume it's usual: it's all new to me) bustle and flurry and headache trying to get classes sorted out, dropping and adding and arranging.  At first I had no early classes, but the way things have since worked out, I now have one at 8:30.  Oh well, it's not so very bad.  There are assignments due already, which does seem just a little cruel, but as I slide now into the second week I feel I have a better handle on my schedule.

(But that may be denial.)

Inspiration for blog posts remains low.  Have I talked myself out?  It's quite possible; but then, it is also possible that I am merely in that annoying in between stage of not properly writing a novel, and so can't seem to dredge up Things to Write About.  I may have mentioned before, but my brain has three gears: editing; brain-storming; and writing.  They don't seem to mix. 

However, even without anything really serious to talk about, there are little things to share.  Today the mad dash of school and anxiety has slowed and the brain is not quite so feverish.  With homework for tomorrow finished, I have enough of a breathing space to sit down and write something to give you a glimpse of what is going on behind the scenes of Scribbles


I am sitting in the bonus room of my home, watching Jenny's two kittens mill about the place and begin to get their bearings - we're keeping the little stinkers for the next three months, while Jenny is off in Scotland, and are trying to ease them gently into the routine of the place.  I'm afraid they might have heart-attacks when they do finally come face to face with our own three cats, who look like creatures from Where the Wild Things Are compared to Minnow and Aquila.  

At the moment they are being kept in isolation, and they seem to be adjusting.   Minnow is "playing the cello"; Aquila heard the vacuum cleaner running downstairs and has slunk under the bed.  It's quiet for the moment, since every time I turn on Loreena McKennitt the kittens go bug-eyed and run around as if we're being invaded by purple elephants in pink tutus.  I don't see what they can possibly have against "Caravanserai."


I think I've got about a hundred books to read for classes this semester, though fortunately not all at once.  (You do, however, have to buy them all at once.  I can just hear the booksellers going "ka-ching! ka-ching!" as classes start.)  Textbooks and supplemental reading, and one very interesting little thing for history class about the development of the book itself as technology.  

In between those, I have managed to squeeze in some pleasure reading.  I picked up Daphne du Maurier's Rebecca - yes, the one it seems everybody has already read - last week and have been greedily devouring it.  Except that I got to the Big Reveal last night before bed, and had a bit of trouble getting to sleep.  I saw the twist coming, either because I am clever or because I had already read about it in someone's review.  For those of you who have read it, though, don't give any spoilers because I'm not done yet.

For lighter reading, I'm rambling along through The Hounds of the Morrigan - because sometimes a good fat fantasy is just the sort of thing one needs.  It's a bit crazy and absurd, and I haven't gotten to the overarching point yet, but the characters of Pidge and Brigit are good enough for me.  Brigit reminds me of Luna Lovegood, she's so utterly random.

"You know what it's like when you're waiting for something."
"Yes.  It's like being kept in a bag and hung up on a nail."
Pidge thought he knew what Brigit meant but he wasn't sure.


Other than the assignments which are already flooding in, I've not been doing a terrific amount of writing: a little here and there in my writing notebook, a short companion piece to Tempus Regina.  The next project is being cranky, but I can't very well complain, since there would hardly be time for me to give it the attention it needed even if it weren't.  Though I don't like not writing, in this case it is probably a good thing that I have to be patient.  In the meantime, I scribble a little and work on other things.


  1. Oh, college How do you juggle writing and assignments? What's your major?

    1. I panicked a little when I first got the syllabi for all the classes and saw what I'd have to be doing, but things have slowed down this week: it's mostly just reading. I make myself to-do lists and cross things off, and that gives me a feeling of accomplishment! I'm planning on majoring in history. Are you majoring in physics? I seem to remember reading that on your blog, but I could be mistaken.

  2. I love the idea of you as a college-girl. It's just very Abigail. And poor Minnow and Aquila! I can only imagine they'd be rather miffed that their mum left them for someplace as exciting as Scotland.

    1. They are a bit miffed. They come out from under the bed to see me now, but I think they would much rather be home with their mommy and daddy. Aun Tabby is just not up to snuff.

      I'm looking forward to the fall: it will be much more fun tromping around campus when the weather is cooler. Besides, college seems like a fall sort of thing to me. "I'm sorry, professor, I can only attend classes in October and November."

  3. Hey, it's nice to see you back! I've missed your posts, but I guessed that you must have other things keeping you busy. For me it's been kind of the opposite—I've been in the truly extraordinary (for me) position of having plenty of blog material, but meanwhile desperately procrastinating on the editing project I committed to finishing this fall. I guess we all do one thing or the other in spurts.

  4. It is nice to have you back blogging as we all missed you, Abigail, though I can totally figure the absence as you've been telling me on our messages of being caught up in the whirl of first few weeks of college. How is that letting up these past few days?

    :) D'aww, poor Minnow and Aquila - hope they don't miss their mum too much back in Scotland. You are such a cat-lady yourself, I think they'll fall in love with you so they won't want to leave you when Jenny comes back ^_^. Just guessing though, since I have no first hand experience with the feline species.

    I am glad that you've been able to keep up with reading alongside college work - it kind of makes me happy to know one CAN continue finding bits and pieces for leisurely reading even when you've got 100 study books to read in college - WHAAT??? 100, that's a lot!

    Some bits of reading I have been doing - North and South by Gaskell (yes, I finally have gotten to reading and watching it!!), and Dragonwitch by Anne Elizabeth Stengl - and my current favourite 'With Christ in the School of Prayer' which I have found very encouraging!

    "In the meantime, I scribble a little and work on other things."
    That perfectly describes me right now too!


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