February 12, 2013

Snippets of February

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 An update on the development of a new look for Scribbles.  For those of you who didn't hear, Bree (of Bree Holloway Blog Designs and also Tea and Bree) is designing the template; she and I have been going back and forth about the look, and let's just say I'm pretty excited about what she has pulled together.  It is much cleaner and more open than the current look, and will hopefully be easier to navigate.  Keep an eye out for its debut!

In other news, the time has rolled around once more for Katie's Snippets post.  This month last year I was about halfway through The Running Tide, writing about ships and the sea, duels and blackmail; now I am firmly wedged into Tempus Regina (I won't actually know how far I am until I finish), writing about assassins and pocketwatches and the seven layers of heaven.  Last year my main character was in the ruins of a theater in Sicily; this year my character is kicking around the wilds of Scotland.  And interestingly enough, I look back on last February's snippets and think, "Has it been that long?  Huh!"

snippets for february

A breeze had begun to stir, turning the leaves belly-up and ruffling the hair that fell, shaggy as a wolf’s winter coat, on [his] neck; it carried the scent of the morning fire to brush Regina’s lips, and it tasted like iron. Distantly she heard the squirrel, still at war with the birds high up in the rowan... 

- tempus regina

Then the tremor ran out. He of the blue-eyes was an awkward boy again, beating a hasty retreat, and the Assassin was loosening from his broad, braced stance and crashing wearily onto a bench beside her. “Shoo,” he said. “I do not know what it is that makes a man believe he has rights to my table. He ate none of your pomegranate, I hope?” 

 Regina stared at him. Pomegranate… “No,” she said, and started when the word broke apart. “No, he didn’t eat the pomegranate.”

- tempus regina

 They made a fire some feet off the road, under a birch in half-bloom; the Assassin remarked, as he gathered great armloads of its dead wood and Regina pulled blindly at Piso’s straps, that the tree’s spirit kept the evil eye at bay. She gave herself a hiccupping laugh and threw a sideways glance at the carver. His was the only pair of eyes she wanted to be free from, and the birch twigs he had found seemed to have no effect on him.

- tempus regina

And she remembered, too, shards of glass on a dirty floor, casting back her reflection as the White Demon cast it back now.

- tempus regina

She dug her fingers into her throat and her elbows into her knees, watching, sick and fascinated, while the Dragon spun from its chain. Clockwise—and back again. Clockwise—and back again. Going one way the garnets laughed; going the other, they mocked.

- tempus regina

 The room had gone silent, the world and its noise buzzing on beyond the flap; they were in their own firelit bubble, she and the Fisherman, or perhaps their own cocoon. She wondered, achingly, if there would be any glorious emergence for them.

- tempus regina

It took him some time, for the whortleberry fought to keep him, but when he was free he sat upright, looked at Regina and remarked, “Ah ha, so you’re awake properly now. Shades, but don’t you look worse by daylight!”

- tempus regina

where are your characters this month?


  1. As usual, fantastic stuff. My favourite was the piece about the Dragon. Clockwise - and back again. Clockwise - and back again. Laughing. Mocking. It makes my marrow shiver. ^.^

  2. I always like when someone ends with a bang. You did that with the last snippet: splendid! :)
    And I'mquite curious to see how your blog will look! I've heard about this Bree girl...*wink*


  3. ~And she remembered, too, shards of glass on a dirty floor, casting back her reflection as the White Demon cast it back now~

    Brilliant line! And I can't wait to see the new design!

    My characters are complaining. Two stories needing attention, a short story contest... Guess they're crying "Don't leave me." ;)


  4. The pomegranate one intrigues me. Is it in any way connected with Persephone?

    And the rest ... lovely ... and intriguing.

    My characters ... oh, they're all over the place. One set of characters are at an orphanage talking about their future, another character is wandering trough her imagination, another is unconscious having a very crazy dream ... and I know that's not all of them, since I'm working on multiple projects.

  5. Splendid collection of snippets, Abigail! I loved them all dearly... as usual, 'tis hard to choose a favourite! I think I agree with Jenny though, the one with the dragon/clockwise snippet was wonderful. simply wonderful! Tempus Regina sure has a slightly different tone than your other works so far, but I like it all the same :). I am very excited to read it one day!

    It is hard to believe it's been a full year since I first came across you, your book and your blog, but at the same time it seems like so much longer. I am glad I did! I am so looking forward to seeing your new design... Bree did my photography blog beautifully, which I dearly love :).

    Ah, my characters are playing hide-and-seek with me really... Jane has been pretty sweet, but shy. I am trying to find her place nice and settled and cozy in London before thrusting her in the world of war, blitz, evacuation and so on, but so far, my efforts haven't been awfully rewarding!

    P.S. I am so sorry I missed our arranged fb chat time today! I just realized I miscalculated the time-difference between us. Correct me if I am wrong, but when I were online, it was 9:00pm for you, right? Well, it was still 12am for me (here in Queensland we're an hour behind the rest of the country because we don't have day-light saving). I hope we can still arrange to chat another time! Maybe next week, Lord willing?

  6. * I meant when you were online

  7. And I think if I get a blog, I will use Bree too. She does such good jobs, for such good prices! :)


  8. Jenny - ^.^! indeed.

    Bree - You should definitely get her to do your blog. She's even got the same name as you: what a coincidence!

    Rebecca - I've never seriously attempted writing more than one story at a time, but I can imagine it would stir characters to mutiny. They're a jealous bunch!

    Kendra - You know, Persephone never entered my mind while writing that scene. Interesting connection, though! I rather wish I'd thought of it myself.

    Joy - Tempus Regina is very different, both to write and, I assume, to read. When I started I was afraid it might be too different, but I find it really is as much "me" as any previous works. I'm glad you're enjoying these bits and pieces!

    Poor Jane - poor protagonists in general, actually. They're never allowed much happiness. It's half a moment of peace, and then death! doom! destruction! for the rest of the novel. Antagonists have a much more cheerful time of it.

    I'm up to trying another chat time, and hopefully this time we won't miss each other. Time zones are such a nuisance!


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