May 4, 2012

Beautiful People - Jamie Fairbairn

Confusingly enough, this is actually last month's Beautiful People post.  It arrived a trifle late and I arrived even later, because I had a difficult time deciding which character to do.  Tip and Charlie are interview'd out and Marta had her own extensive Beautiful People post several months ago.  I toyed with the idea of doing Jo Darkwood, but April's set of questions seemed better suited to a female character.  And so, without further ado, I'll introduce you to one of the primary characters in my completed fantasy Wordcrafter...

jamie fairbairn [the vixen]  

1. What is her favourite type of shoe? 

Stilettos, to be sure!  The thinner and taller the heel, the better.  Jamie loves fashion and loves to be fashionable, no matter what pain she has to go through.  She particularly likes flashy colors, and although she'll wear black, she prefers setting off a simple get-up with something wildly eye-catching; lime green is a favorite.  She also has a pair of black highheeled boots (fur round the tops) and has been caught wearing Uggs. 

2. Does she journal? 

Goodness, no; it would take too much perseverance.  She will occasionally pull out a notebook to jot down an absurd poem - her way of laughing at people without doing it aloud.

3. What is her favourite animal? 

Jamie has an arthritic English sheepdog of which she is passing fond, but, as with most things in her life, he is little more than an afterthought.  She has an affinity for foxes, so her title of "Vixen" is apt.

4. What does her average day look like? 

There are few real responsibilities in Jamie's life and she can afford to be careless with her time.  She will get up at about eight, nine on a Saturday, and start off the day with coffee (cream, no sugar) and one piece of toast (orange marmalade - take it away from her at your peril).  Then she'll get a bath or shower, emerging at 9:30 sharp.  She'll spend about fifteen minutes puzzling over what to wear, digging up clothes from her sisters' closets if she doesn't like any of her own wardrobe's options.  Another cup of coffee if it begins to look like That Sort of a day. 

Jamie usually spends the rest of the morning frittering about the house, redesigning a room here or a windowbox there, trawling through dusty heaps of books and pretending she's going to read them, arranging her father's golfclubs a few times.  If she's feeling industrious, she might even dust the living room or sit down to "play" the harp for ten minutes or so.  If she is in a perfect blaze of creativity, she'll grab a piece of paper and scrawl an essay or scribble a design for a dress, feeling very productive afterwards.

These bursts of energy make her hungry, so about 1:00 she'll grab some semblance of dinner and then take her sheepdog out for an amble in the park.  Shopping or socializing fill up her afternoon, and in the evening she composes herself to listen to her father's haranguing about work.  After this duty is over and done with, she can often be found sprawled on the couch watching a movie.

5. Night owl or morning person? (Optional: What time does she usually wake up? Go to bed?) 

Night owl by nature; she rarely goes to bed before 11:30.  The night feels more companionable to her.

6. Does she have a sweet tooth? 

If you give her anything flooded in chocolate, Jamie will love you for a whole day.  Which is a long time for her to remember.

7. What colours are in her bedroom? 

She changes the look of her room regularly, but it tends to be either white with pale pink accessories (Jamie loves pink but, due to her red hair, can't wear it herself), or an apple-green.  She keeps the furniture fairly neutral and then decks it out in colors and prints that make a statement, regardless of what the statement happens to be.  The design is always as overwhelming as her personality.

8. Can she cook? 

I think she would burn water if made to boil it.

9. What is her favourite household chore? 

Jamie is the favorite child and so manages to sidestep any chores she would rather not be doing.  Sometimes she like to tie up her hair and throw herself into scrubbing the house...until, an hour or so later, she finds herself worn out and vaguely irritated and so gives the business up entirely.  Her eldest sister then follows behind and cleans up the mess.

10. Favourite kind of tea? 

She is not much of a tea connoisseur, being more a coffee drinker herself.  She'll drink anything black if it has been steeped for a good six or seven minutes, but herbal or green offend her sensibilities.


  1. Oh, this is so interesting! What time-period is Wordcrafter? After reading about "showers" and "movies" I realized it must be much more modern-day than I had assumed! (:

  2. :D I love Jamie. Sounds like a girl I would find writing inspiration from. :D

  3. Ya know, all the BP's I've read excluding mine, their characters couldn't cook! Hilarious. Mine can, just doesn't like to, which still fits into the 'won't cook' theme.

  4. Oh, my! She sounds quite the character! I can't wait to meet here in her story. :-D
    Out of curiosity, how old is she?

  5. Emily - Wordcrafter is set mostly in a parallel world, but the scenes in our world are set in the modern day. And I can tell you that it was harder to write that than to write historical fiction! I don't think I would be very good at writing straight contemporary novels.

    Rachel - People do say that about Jamie, that she's likeable. I tend to like her myself, but her charm fluctuates over the course of the novel...

    Ashley - That's interesting; I haven't read a whole lot of April's BP posts, so I hadn't noticed! Jamie is passable at nearly everything she attempts, so she would probably muddle through a culinary class well enough; her trouble is that she has absolutely no perseverance. She is likely to get bored halfway through making the meal, and flit off to something else with no regard for the fact that supper is being reduced to ashes in the oven. Ho hum!

    Rhoswen - Glad you think so! Jamie is about twenty-three, out of university but still living at home. Actually, most of the characters of Wordcrafter are in their early twenties: Justin's about twenty-three also, and Ethan's twenty-four or -five.

  6. This girl, Jamie, looks like a fascinating character indeed! I really am looking forward to reading The Wordcrafter, Abigail :).

  7. How fascinating! This story is sounding more and more interesting. Jamie seems like the kind of person I would love and yet be really annoyed with at the same time. She's colorful and yet a bit shallow at the same time. Can't wait to find out more about her!

  8. She and I like our tea the same way! I must say, I'm already halfway in love with her - she seems absolutely hilarious without really trying to be. Oh goodness, I can't wait to read her! *runs to inbox*

  9. Joy - I'm glad you think so! She was interesting to write - one of those characters who arrives on the scene unplanned, and then you find yourself learning about her rather than "making things up."

    Dani - She can be rather annoying, and definitely shallow, but her charm seems to make up for it. At any rate, the reactions to this post have all been amusingly positive...

    Mirriam - And I can hardly wait to know what you think of her when you've properly "met" her! And ew, gross, you brew your tea for seven minutes? Heathen!

  10. *giggles*
    I use PG Tips, a very popular British black tea, and I brew for 5-10 minutes ^.^ I am NOT a heathen. One simply cannot be heathen whilst drinking tea. =D

  11. I like her shoe taste!

    She sounds like a fun person to write about. It would be great to read about her, too.

    Visiting from BP link up

  12. Mirriam - You don't drink Twinings, and yet you protest you're not a heathen. Pssh! I shake my head at you. (Actually, I tend to smother my tea in sugar, so that might make me a heathen myself...)

    Mime - Jamie does have a rather absurd and amusing taste in shoes. She has rather an absurd taste in everything, really. I'm glad you enjoyed meeting her!


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