May 24, 2012

Beautiful People - Christopher

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The title of this blog post is rather absurd, as readers of The Soldier's Cross will have noticed.  However, this round of Georgie and Sky's "Beautiful People" meme is focused on villains and, since characters from TSC show up around here but rarely, I decided to introduce Christopher.  For those of you who are not aware of what Beautiful People is or how it works, here's a summary for you:

...What is Beautiful People? Beautiful People is a monthly blog event created by Georgie Penn and Sky. It's designed to help you get to know more about your character by asking questions about them. It's simple: every month Sky and Georgie post 10 questions, and you answer them on your blog with your character of choice. To learn more, check out their blogs!

And with that squared away, I introduce you to the villain of The Soldier's Cross:


1. What is his motive?

Ambition, to some extent, but primarily straight-up greed.  The son of a merchant, landless, and with much too little money, he seeks a higher position and the increased funds that would come with it.  He does not passionately hate his vagrant lifestyle - indeed, he is rather fond of it - but it certainly doesn't provide him with much money to spend.

2. What is he prepared to do to get what he wants?

Christopher prefers manipulation to a trial of brute strength.  Up against Fiona, he will go that route; but against anyone who has the ability to stand and face him, he takes a roundabout path to his own ends.

3. Is he evil to the core, or simply misunderstood?

I don't go in for "misunderstood"; it smacks of that Deist saying that every man has a "spark of the Divine" in him and is "basically good."  Christopher is basically bad.  He is perhaps not so evil as he could be, but given an opportunity I'm sure he would fulfill all expectations in that respect.

4. What was his past like? What about his childhood? Was there one defining moment that made him embrace his evil ways? 

Christopher and his sister Leah grew up in comfort, though not in luxury.  As the only son, a great deal of pressure was put on Christopher by his father to succeed him in trade; Christopher, however, wanted the life of the nobility's sons, who had even more comfort with less work.   There was no single moment in which his heart was blackened, etc., but with his father's death he found it expedient to drop the charade of being a respectful son and get to work making his fortune.

5. Now that he is evil, has he turned his back on everyone, or is there still someone in his life that he cares for?

He had a passing affection for his mother and would sometimes correct his behavior for a few days in a row after she rebuked him, but her early death only served to convince him that the good die young, so why be good?  His father he cordially hated; his sister he regards as his queen - not in the affectionate sense, however; merely in the chessboard analogy.  She is his best means of bringing about a checkmate, and for that reason, and that reason only, he keeps her safe. 

6. Does he like hugs? 

I really couldn't hazard an answer to this question.  

7. Is he plagued by something?

Not that he ever told me; but then, he would be unlikely to do so.  

8. Who are they more similar to: Gollum or Maleficent? 

A slinking beast or a woman...  That's a difficult choice.  Gollum is more cowardly, so I tend toward him; but Maleficent is more impressively evil, so that tilts me back in her direction.  I'll say Maleficent.  

9. If your villain could have his choice of transportation what would it be? 

His own coach, highly gilded and lined on the inside with scarlet; his choice of horse would be three bays and a black, just for the element of surprise.  The difficult part would be whether to drive himself or to have a servant do it.

10. If you met your villain in the street, how afraid would you be? Is he evil enough to kill his creator?

 If I met him on the street, I would pepper-spray him.  And then run.


  1. Yes. Pepper spray him. I'd do it too. And since Fiona didn't have any on hand, she daggered (not a word is it?) him. Lol

  2. :D Sounds like a great villain. A sensible one. I like villains that have Reasons and aren't arbitrarily evil.

  3. Love this post!! And I LOVED your book! Christoper is a great villain and sure scared me.

  4. Ashley - Resourceful gal, isn't she? In point of fact, I think I'd just run; I like villains to stay nicely in their stories.

    Rachel - Same here! Of course there are some psychopaths and a having few in the world of literary villains is acceptable, but generally speaking, evil has a purpose and one likes to know about it.

  5. I....
    loved this. XD I am going to do it.
    Right now.
    Oh dear.
    I love the fact you would pepper-spray him - I'm an excellent shot with pepper-spray and would back you up. XD

  6. Londongirl - That's always a nice thing to hear about one's villain! I'm glad you thought he was a "good" villain for the story.

    Mirriam - I will take you up on that offer...because I've never used pepper-spray in my life! I'm woefully unprepared...

  7. If I ever met any of my villains I would want to pepper-spray him also! Or do anything else equally injurious since I've never had to use pepper-spray in my life either. ;) Pity you can't practice with it like you could a handgun...

  8. I think I'm going to start copying the Beautiful People questions down and answer them in my Writer's Book since I don't have a blog yet.

    I love the picture by the way! I will probably be getting a Pinterest account sometime next month, Lordwilling. :)

  9. I love your answer to the last question! I would run too; Christopher scared me. ;)

  10. I hadn't intended to comment right now as I am really, really busy (as I told you in the e-mail), but when I read the post title, "Beautiful People - Christopher" I went... "Christopher?! I must read this"

    I think he is the embodiment of a great villein that you positively hate; he really scared me out as he seemed to have for everyone who's read your book ( you did a great job!! :).

    Yes, I would run. I am not 100% sure I would have the wits to spray him with pepper-spray unless I got a sudden inspiration of courage and daring, but I would probably be murmuring a prayer "Lord please, please protect me from this horrid, horrid man!"

    I would like to do this Beautiful People for my main villein but I am afraid if I do it, I will giveaway to my viewers who is the villein (kind of a plot spoiler)... so I will just have to find a minor villein :).

  11. I had no idea Christopher was such a popular villain! But naturally I am quite pleased about it. It is odd how fun it can be to write characters who in real life would have you disgusted or quaking in your cliched boots. On the other hand, sometimes it isn't so enjoyable. I hope that makes me a little more sane...

  12. Oh yes, Christopher was a good character... well, not a good *character*, but a good... I mean a well-written... I mean... well, you know what I mean. ;)

    I have enjoyed seeing you do the Beautiful People event for so long that I was quite excited to do it on my blog for the first time today! Thank you for "introducing" me to it! The questions are fun and helpful.

  13. "Good" used here under extremely loose terms!

    I didn't realize that "Firmament: Radialloy" was so close to publication. Sci-fi is not a genre I typically read, but just the title of "Radialloy" caught my interest right away, and I want to get it when it comes out. Keep us posted!

  14. I have not read your book as of yet. Pitty really, I can't wait to read it! What I have heard of Christopher has brought me to one conclusion; All that know him would pepper-spray him. Lovely really (Hmmm). I love how well rounded all of your characters are! I am a wanabe auther...Working on editing my first novel... I look at your work and it amazes me!

  15. Nice to meet you, Rachel! I'm glad you enjoyed this peek at one of my villains. I accept it as a compliment that everyone seems inclined to give him a dose of pepper-spray (although I hope that reaction is limited to the villain-characters!). Good luck with your editing; that's one of the most difficult parts of the writing process for me. A necessary evil, indeed.

    I don't know if you use e-book readers, but if so, The Soldier's Cross, Kindle edition, will be on sale for 99 cents throughout June. If you'd like to get your hands on it, there's a good opportunity!

  16. I'm guessing there aren't any French villains right? Because of course, everyone knows that only the English have the capacity to be throughly and irredemably evil to the core!

  17. Actually, Christopher and his sister are neither French nor English; they're Bohemian. There are, however, a smattering of "petty" villains on both sides of the Channel.

  18. Sorry, Im so used to stereotyping of the English as bad guys all the time that I am rather cynical and have come to accept it.

  19. He sounds... like someone I would not like to meet. Ever.


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