March 21, 2012

The Soldier's Cross in Dutch

Last year a contract was signed with De Banier Publishing to translate my novel The Soldier's Cross into Dutch. Today I received an email from my publisher informing me that their copies had arrived - a huge and delightful surprise for me, naturally! Eager to see whether anything about the "packaging" had been changed, I took a look at the website...

...and got to revel in the sight of a cover all over again. Here it is, my own novel in a language I can't even read (although I'm going to take a wild guess that it says "Soldier's Cross"), and with as gorgeous and atmospheric a cover as the English copy has. And hopefully tomorrow I'll actually be able to hold it myself.


  1. Oh oh my. Love that. I love everything. The cover, the translation...I'm so excited for you!!

  2. Wow, that's so cool! And the cover is gorgeous!! Congratulations!

  3. Thanks, gals! Yes, I was very excited by the cover. The designer did a spectacular job with the setting and lighting. I can see it as Fiona in mourning.

  4. Ooooh, how exciting! I can't get over how gorgeous the cover is -- and just AGH FOREIGN LANGUAGE BRILLIANT. This has made my morning very very happy. :D

  5. That is gorgeous!!! I love it!
    And how exciting to have your book in another language! Congrats! :-D

  6. I am sooooo glad for you! The cover design is just fabulous and it must be wonderful to have your novel in a different language :). Congratulations all the way!

  7. Superb! I am so happy for you! And Dutch--that somehow has a touch of elegance about it! :D

  8. I MUST READ THIS BOOK!!! (In English, preferably. I like to understand what I read).

  9. I know I don't comment here often (though I am a fairly regular stalker), but I just wanted to congratulate you on a gorgeous edition of your novel! The lighting is so striking! And I love the contrast of her golden hair against the blue-black stones . . .

  10. Abigail, congratulations! And the cover is really lovely.

  11. That is SUCH a gorgeously beautiful cover! Congratulations!!

  12. Hi Abigail,

    My sister is following your blog, and this night she told me that 'my' cover was published on your site. I like to tell you that I'm the designer. ;-)
    When I got the project I've read your book and it was really beautiful to read. The booktrailer has inspirated me, and when I was searching for a picture, I didn't find a good photo. It were all really fotolia and Istockphoto's, not in the style of 'Soldiers cross'. So, days later I have found this picture (on a english site with the name trevillion) and made this cover.

    Funny to see, that you like dutch! The title Kruis van vrede means Cross of peace. ;-)

    If you like to see more of my work, you can see my blogspot
    Sorry, it is dutch!

    from Holland/ uit Nederland
    Janneke Paalman

  13. Janneke, I'm so glad you commented! The image you chose and the design itself are so beautiful; everything about the cover fits the story so well. As Anne Elisabeth mentioned, the lighting is especially eye-catching.

    I enjoyed looking through the designs and photography on your blog, especially the pictures of the train-station (I am very fond of trains). Although I can't read Dutch, I can certainly appreciate your artistry!

    Thank you for your compliments on The Soldier's Cross, and for giving it such a lovely cover! It is a pleasure for me to look at, and I'm glad to hear that it was a pleasure for you to read.


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