March 19, 2012

So Many Bookmarks

Jenny wrote a post recently on bookmarks, and I would just like to say here at the outset that she snitched my idea. I was considering doing that same post (only about my bookmarks, not hers) on that same day, and what do I find when I look at her blog? She got there before me! This is what happens when your brain is shared by another.

I like bookmarks. Memorizing page numbers gets tiresome and flipping around looking for one's spot in a book often leads to the unpleasant discovery of spoilers, so I nearly always use some form of marker to hold my spot. In a pinch I'll use a Kleenex. In even rarer instances I'll use a book's dustjacket, but that often leads to the disfigurement of said jacket, especially if the book is of significant size. Most of the time, however, I use a proper-ish bookmark.

I have a number of these lying about in my room, some more frequently used than others, some that have never been used at all. Right now I have a 2010 Alibris bookmark in Kidnapped - the colors coordinated and the quote on the bookmark, "There is no frigate like a book to take us lands away," seemed fitting for a Stevenson novel. It has puncture marks in it where Buster has gnawed it. In The Imitation of Christ I have a bookmark with Philippians 4:8. It's cracked in places, also where Buster gnawed it. I keep a pink Beatitudes bookmark with tassels in Faith's Checkbook, and amazingly, Buster has not gnawed that one.

Jenny pointed out in her post that clothing tags double as excellent bookmarks. I only have one of these: an elegant "Lapis" tag with a sleeping fairy on one side and a quote from A Midsummer Night's Dream on the back: "Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, and therefore is winged Cupid painted blind." Rather an odd quote to use for a clothing brand, but I like it all the same. The bookmark is fairly new, but I expect I'll use it frequently.

Another new bookmark is one my cousin gave me. Titled "Old World," it has a picture of an antique map on it, a red beaded tassel at the top, and a quote (apparently by Confucius) at the bottom: "Wherever you go, go with all your heart." A little ironic, considering that I never go anywhere, but perhaps it's referring to the world of books.

A heap of others make the rounds through my books: a blue gilded one that says "Friends" (a gift, as you have no doubt guessed, from a friend!); a bland red-and-white "Trinity City Books" one that is only for mystery novels (don't ask me why); yellow and blue paint cards, the one with a canary on it, the other with a hydrangea. A bookmark made of wood or bamboo, handpainted somewhere exotic, is still in Red Moon and Black Mountain, which I have yet to finish. A little blue one, made by a friend and with the quote from The Song of Solomon "many waters cannot quench love," peeks out of Desiring God. If I poked, I would probably find a host of others still hiding in books. I try not to leave works unfinished, but sometimes even the best of intentions fail.

So you see, I have quite the host to choose from when I start a new book. And yet the other day when I had two books downstairs and no bookmarks at hand, what did I do? Tore an index card in half and used the pieces.

How typical.


  1. I'm afraid we all end up doing that. I have quite a few nice bookmarks, myself, but I keep them in one of the drawers of my bedroom desk and I do most of my reading in the living room. So what do I end up using? Folded over sticky note papers and cough drop wrappers. :-P

  2. As I commented on Jenny's post, I rarely ever use (or oft' feel the need of using) bookmarks, simply because I usually read a book really quick =D. They are definitely useful though if reading a giant-sized book (especially a devotional or theological book). My Dad uses the cards that go at the bottom of the tea carton as bookmarks since they are so handy and neat (white little flashcards) and so if he lets me borrow any of his books, I use those =D. Kleenex is probably my no. 1 bookmark though, since when I need it, it is usually a spontaneous (infrequent) panic of not wanting to loose my place in an overtly large book. What is in sight? Kleenex!

    It was fun reading your list of different bookmarks, Abigail. I think it is really funny that Jenny and you had the same idea on the same day and that she stole your idea (so, you didn't tell each other you were planning on doing a post like that?)! That's happened often with my sister, Sarah, and me. I'd go "I'm thinking of posting about this today..." and she'd go "Hey! That's what I've been planning to write too!"

  3. Rhoswen - Isn't it terrible? I still kick myself whenever I see that torn index card.

    Joy - Labels from tea cartons sound like they would make excellent bookmarks; what two things go together better than tea and books? I think that someone should make bookmarks out of tea bag strings and labels.

    No, Jenny and I hadn't communicated on the blog post idea. We tend to do things like that. You'd think we were...related!

  4. Twin principle. That's what my next-youngest sister and I call it. I have little doubt that if she blogged, she'd be stealing my ideas too. Just this morning, I had to explain to my mother that I had had the idea to wear my black T-shirt BEFORE my sister showed up wearing the exact same style shirt!

    As far as bookmarks go, I'm one of the odds 'n' ends kind of bookmarker like Jenny, but I have a hankering for the type of beautiful bookmarks that you possess (the sort with beaded tassels and elaborate designs). In fact, the first time I placed in a story contest, I spent the resulting gift certificate on a bookmark that I still have (although the top half of it disappeared mysteriously--probably to a younger sibling who was just discovering the uses of scissors). Have you ever seen the 3D bookmarks that are sold at B&N or I have my eye on the golden dragon and the hummingbird!

  5. Twin principle - I like that. Jenny likes to say that she and I are twins born five years apart.

    I don't think I've ever bought myself a bookmark; the ones I have were all either gifts or just random bits requisitioned for the purpose. I did look up the 3-D bookmarks on Amazon and can see why you're wanting the hummingbird (my favorite) or the dragon. They are beautiful, even though I can't see the "3-D-ness" on a computer screen. It's amazing that they can design something like that.


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