February 12, 2011


This isn't a proper post. This is a "I wasted time and made some fun things, and here are the fruits of my non-labors." These aren't even proper Wordles, as, not being able to figure out that website, I turned to GIMP instead; but here they are: Wordle-like things for my novels Wordcrafter (completed) and The White Sail's Shaking (in progress). You can see them better by clicking on the images.


Justin King writes adventures, but he is too sensible to want one. He writes about friendships, but has none himself. His stories take place all over the world, and yet he has never been outside of the British Isles. He writes fantasy, but puts no credence in tales of parallel realms.

All that is changed the day he meets Ethan Prince. A stranger to Edinburgh with seemingly no background or family, and one who gives every appearance of being not quite right in the head, Ethan is Justin’s opposite in a multitude of ways. As a friendship forms between them, the mystery of who Ethan Prince is begins to thread its way through Justin’s life and weave an adventure that he would rather not be caught in—but it is the revelation of that mystery that will force Justin to accept that not all fantasy is confined to the imagination.

Wordcrafter is the story of a man as he learns that all things come with a price, and that the cost of true friendship is one's life.

The White Sail's Shaking:

In the fledgling navy of the United States, as in the mighty fleet of Britain, there are few things as sought after as honor and glory. Men will risk their lives for it - in battles and in duels - and spill blood without a second thought to protect it. At sea, a man's good name is everything.

This is the world that Tip Brighton finds himself in when he is commissioned as a midshipman at the start of the First Barbary War. A fourth son with no prospects on land and the shadow of his family's Loyalist sympathies hanging over him at sea, he throws himself into the task of winning the respect and honor he craves - but finds it harder than he would ever have imagined. When his combined attempts to hide the secrets of a fellow midshipman, help a Syracusan girl pose as a seaman, and earn himself a good name prove too much, he is faced with the realization that something has to go.

The White Sail's Shaking is the tale of a boy in a man's world as he finds out what it takes to leave childhood behind.


  1. For one thing, I don't think these should be discounted as non-labors. I doubt I could even do them -- on GIMP, that is, but then you're ridiculously artistic with GIMP. You already know how thoroughly I adore the Wordcrafter one, and White Sail's is just as lovely. ^.^ Excellent work, m'dear.

  2. Well, I don't know about artistic... Jenny's artistic. I'm not sure what I am.

    Anyhow, thanks! I had fun with them - especially Wordcrafter. It was a nice bit of time-wasting.


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The Soldier's Cross: Set in the early 15th Century, this is the story of an English girl's journey to find her brother's cross pendant, lost at the Battle of Agincourt, and of her search for peace in the chaotic world of the Middle Ages.
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Tempus Regina:Hurled back in time and caught in the worlds of ages past, a Victorian woman finds herself called out with the title of the time queen. The death of one legend and the birth of another rest on her shoulders - but far weightier than both is her duty to the brother she left alone in her own era. Querying.
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Wordcrafter: "One man in a thousand, Solomon says / will stick more close than a brother. / And it's worthwhile seeking him half your days / if you find him before the other." Justin King unwittingly plunges into one such friendship the day he lets a stranger come in from the cold. Wordcount: 124,000 words

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