February 26, 2011

Dramatis Personae - Wordcrafter

Well, that was difficult. I would like to say that after Ara (and perhaps Liz), I was the first to get excited and want to do the same sort of Meet the Characters post; as it turned out, it took me so long to dig up good photos that Jenny, Megan, and Anna all finished and posted theirs before me. Hrmph. But here at last we have the main players of my novel Wordcrafter; I do not own these photos, this is purely for my authorial delight and not for profit, etc., etc., etc.

Justin King [the wordcrafter]

Main character Justin King has two great loves: his writing and his tea. He has lived alone in his Edinburgh flat for several years at the opening of the novel, and each day of those years has fit into the same mold - until the advent of Ethan Prince, whose friendship turns Justin's life upside down and whose very existence forces Justin to accept that not all fantasy is confined to the page.

His arrival in Ethan's home world of Tera is at first a matter of great delight for the men of this other-earth and his love of writing earns him the respectful title of
Wordcrafter among them, but it soon becomes clear that his coming has upset the balance of power. He becomes the spark that reignites a feud between Tera's two great races, the Horsemen and the Gypsies, and against his will he finds that he may also be the means of destroying the only friend he has - Ethan Prince.

Ethan Prince [the hound]

Known as the Hound in Tera, where "Christian" names are not used, Ethan takes his other name while in Edinburgh and introduces himself to Justin as such. He is the prince of the Horsemen, and, since the Horsemen subjugated the Gypsies a hundred years ago, the heir of all Tera; but Justin knows him simply as his friend. He is proud and shows a fiercely cold rage when angered, but he commands the love of the warrior Horsemen and the respect even of the Gypsies. Half-Horseman and half-Gypsy himself, he walks the line between the two cultures and embodies both the vivacity of the one and the cunning of the other.

Jamie Fairbairn [the vixen]

Bubbly, vivacious, and a little wild, Jamie had Justin King under her spell from the moment they met in Edinburgh. She is, indeed, a little too forward for his taste, but she makes up for it with her easy laughter and her apparent regard for him. She loves to be loved, but underneath her sweet exterior she has a mind that is ever at work and all the wiles ever possessed by a woman since the world began; she knows what she wants, and she will stop at nothing to get it. Once her disapproval has been earned, it will last forever.

Copper [the jackal's daughter]

The Gypsy Copper, daughter of the Jackal, begins to play a part in the lives of both Justin and Ethan soon after Justin's arrival in Tera. Quiet and unassuming, she is lovely rather than beautiful and wears a veil at all times, as is the custom among the women of both of Tera's races. For reasons of her own she does not have the same bitter hatred of the Horsemen that most of the other Gypsies flaunt, and she is fond of the Wordcrafter and the Hound. At very rare instances she will lay aside her gentleness and reveal the strength of spirit that underlies her nature, but for the most part she remains withdrawn from the goings-on around her.

The Lord of the Cliffs

If it were not for the fact that the Horsemen long ago defeated the Gypsies and took away their sovereignty, the Lord of the Cliffs would be the king of his people. As it is, he is known as their prince and bears the blood of royalty in his veins - and is very much aware of the fact. He is cool and cat-like and at first glance gives the impression of effeminacy, but he is a force to be reckoned with should any one be foolish enough to anger him. His mind is sharp enough to rival even Ethan's, and, driven on by a desire to see his people made a sovereign entity once more, that is exactly what the Lord of the Cliffs intends to do.

Marah [star of the horsepeople]

For centuries both the Horsemen and the Gypsies have been breeding the unicorns of Tera with the horses brought ages ago from Earth, and Marah, Ethan's mare, is the most beautiful of them all. She is what is known as "bloody-shouldered," having a white coat with rusty markings on her face and neck. With good reason she is called the Star of the Horsepeople and the Horsemen are more proud of her than of all their other horses combined; she is like a daughter to Ethan, who has raised her from a filly, and he rarely rides any other horse.


Ram, Marah's foal, is far more spirited than his mother and is a difficult horse to train. Like the other part-unicorn horses in the Horsemen's stables, he matures quickly, and when he reaches the age to be broken in Ethan gives him to Justin as his own. Unlike Marah, he is almost pure black except for his bleached hooves. The sight of Ethan on Marah and Justin on Ram is an extremely common one in the woods of Tera during a hunt.

[Threatening potential thieves seems to be The Thing to Do, so I shall follow in the footsteps of my predecessors. I own all of these characters and all things attached to said characters; their existence makes them copyrighted to me, and any use of them is against the law. If you would like to go read the copyright laws, please feel free to do so. Also, I'm part Sicilian. Enough said.]


  1. *dances, dripping with Glee (stolen from Meridon)*

    Dees ees pairfect! I only recognize two o' them, which is good; and wherever did you find such an ethereally lovely Copper?

    ...now I want to ride Ram, though I know he won't let me.

    (And one must never go up against a Sicilian when death is on the line! Bwahahaha.)

  2. Oh wow, for taking such a long time to get these pictures, you sure found the perfect ones. Justin has the perfect expression of dry wit and amusement, Ethan the bluntly cheerful confidence and not a little playful darkness in his eyes; Jamie is simply superb: she has just the right amount of cutting vivacity in her face. Copper has an adorable, slightly pettish look which I find endearing, but even without the veil her face is closed to inspection, which is a nice touch. I'm afraid I don't know enough about the Lord of the Cliffs to comment on him, so I'll trust your otherwise excellent judgment. And of course Marah and Ram are beautiful.

    Great job!

  3. I deliberated for awhile over Copper, but I chose her at last and really like the result. I'm fond of them all, actually, though it did take me an age and a quarter to find suitable photos.

    (Would you like me to send you back to where you WERE? Unemployed? In Greenland?)

  4. I adore this! Justin is absolutely PERFECT... I can see him speaking and doing the things Justin does, which (when it happens) is what makes this whole character-sketch thing so utterly brilliant. Romola as Jamie is awesome, too... I must confess, Richard Armitage is seared in my mind as Guy of Gisborne thanks to the BBC Robin Hood; I must think of him as John-Thornton-Armitage, and then it is better. I can't say anything about the rest that hasn't already been said, but I do approve. Very muchly so. ^.^

    (It is hilarious; in the course of naming my characters, which was really just connecting tea names with animals without thought to any plot or anything, I came up with a hound and a jackal. I don't suppose Tera has a resident Duck and Tomcat, does it? o.O)

    (And I pondered Armitage for Falcon, simply because he does have that sharp, beakish aspect to his face, but he was too broad for the role. I considered using him for the Commissioner, too, but I wanted to stick somebody in that rather distasteful role that wasn't typical.)

    (And I know what you mean about it taking forever. Once I decided I was going to, I obsessed over it for hours... literally. >.O Falcon was horrendously tricksy. Everyone was either too broad, or too old, or too deep-and-melancholy, or too young... Or when I thought I'd found the perfect combination, there wasn't enough /contrast/ between faces. I couldn't have a Falcon, a Hound, and a Stallion who all looked terribly alike - the personalities had to be distinct /and/ fitting. Gaaahh. But perseverance yields something, at least.)

    (I love you! I'll stop abusing parentheses now and depart. ^.^)

  5. Anna, you are hilarious. I just wanted to let you know that.

    Justin took me the longest to find; Copper was the second longest. Ethan and Jamie I had from the get-go, but the others took quite a bit of digging around. I gave up about five times, I think. Your Dramatis Personae post was enough to get me going again, and I'm very happy with what I came up with. It was such fun to do, once I got past the frustration and GIMP-hating...

    Oh, and no, no Ducks or Tomcats...thankfully.


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