August 5, 2013

Things to Do, Places to Go

Blog posts have been very scarce around here, I know: five days into August and this is my first one.  For that I apologize.  The brain has been running full steam on Tempus Regina edits, and the idea of then turning my attention to Blogger merely to write something else about Tempus Regina is uninspiring, to say the least.  Don't worry: everyone's questions are safely stored and ready to be hauled out and answered soon.  You've not been forgotten!

In the interim, I thought I would hop onto Mirriam's coattails and chart out my current plans for August.  It looks as though it intends to be an alarming month and I do think it just a little bit cruel of her to so casually fling out there that it is the last month of summer.  I don't like summer for summer's sake: I'll be glad when it shuffles by and I can haul out my fall clothing again.  (Apparently tromping about in boots in July is frowned upon by fashion experts.)  However, in this case I could stand for it to slow down and give me more breathing room.

The motive behind this post is mostly selfish, I admit.  I am going to set out the goals and requirements of August in the hope that, if blog posts are not forthcoming in the following weeks, you will allow me some grace.  For this month, Lord willing I'll...

find out what my fall courses will be

begin my freshman year at college

finish this round of Tempus Regina edits

continue brainstorming for the next project

get Tempus Regina packaged for my beta readers

soldier on with these "driving" shenanigans

determine how soon I can reasonably start wearing long sleeves

begin the business of query-writing

participate in an interview'n'stuff with the notebook sisters

finish reading Plenilune

buy shoes!


  1. So if you need a beta reader, I am more than willing. Just 'if'. I know you probably have a score already lined up, but I'm available, and I'm not a gushy oh-this-is-divine kind of person unless it really is, when it comes to critiquing. :)

    1. I'm glad it generates so much enthusiasm! I haven't decided yet who all I'm sending it to; at the moment, I'm only planning definitely on two people. I like to make readers wait in the dark until the Real Thing arrives. But I'll keep all offers in mind and we'll see how things pan out!

  2. I wouldn't exactly consider myself a fashion expert, but I would frown if I saw you tromping about in boots and July. It simply isn't done! ;P

    "Buy shoes!" is always on my list. Poor Elizabeth has to put up with my ever-growing shoe-wardrobe, constantly warning me that our closet will simply explode. Apparently some people find 20 shoe pairs excessive...O_o

    Ah, driving shenanigans! I was supposed to have read the driver's manual this month, in preparation for the permit test. But it's still on my to-do list, and I'm afraid with all the other things I've got to get done these last 2 weeks before school, I won't get around to it. :/

    I'm not at all jealous of your reading Plenilune, of course. Pft. No, not at all...

    1. I like shoes. Shoes just don't like me. My feet are slightly different sizes, I think, and on the lowest end of the scale: 5 or 5.5, and shoe stores tend not to stock a lot of those. Shopping sessions get a bit desperate toward the end...

      I've been driving Jenny's car and it has actually gone remarkably well. Been honked at once (that was my fault) and shouted at once (that was the other driver's fault - I can't help it that I'm slow!), but have not endangered any lives. I call that a plus!

  3. My blog has been slow as well — goodness, I just barely managed to get up my final set of Actually Finishing Something July Questions this morning! And I must publish my Moonblood review sooner or later. But I like lists. More specifically, I like order, and lists are such nice, orderly things. Some days provide fodder for extensive, deep, insightful posts . . . but some are better suited to lists. For that reason alone, I liked this post muchly. ^.^

    If you need an extra beta reader or two, I would love the opportunity to read Tempus Regina. The bits and pieces you've shared have more than piqued my interest, and waiting until it hits shelves is such a dour prospect.

    Hmm. Driving. It took me the longest time to get used to it — I probably spent about six months doing circles in the empty church parking lot alone — but now I enjoy it. All the same, I stick to speeds of 30 or 40 miles per hour and won't go near the highway. (We won't speak of parallel parking.)

    1. I'm glad you liked it! I have felt very uninspired about this whole blogging business, I'm afraid, and so - lists. They're very simple, very neat, and I find writing them soothing. Maybe it's only because my brain has switched over into editing mode, which differs significantly from writing mode, and it cannot be bothered to create anything very serious. However, I should apply myself more diligently to it and not annoy all my readers.

      ...I have not yet begun the business of parallel parking. I very much do not want to think about that. And the highway! Oh, Mr Bennet! Have you no compassion on my poor nerves?

    2. Well, I've only driven on the highway and parallel parked once each, and that was only because I attended a driver's ed class that specializes in a very effective method called Scaring One Into Safety By Early Exposure to Danger.

      . . . It's effective, all right.

  4. Driving...hmf. Don't feel too bad, any of you, because I might be the worst procrastinator on record when it comes to this—I let my learners' permit expire. I believe it was a four-year permit. I am just not interested, and frankly I dread the video seminar I'm going to have to sit through before I can actually get my license. :) But I must agree with my parents that it's a useful skill and I ought to get it over with.

    Summer seems to have flown by pretty quickly for me too, mostly because it rained for the whole month of June (literally!). I do enjoy summer, but I'm not too sorry about it ending because I love autumn weather. I've been making plans to wear all the sweaters I have which get insufficient outings.

    1. I'm not looking forward to the video, either; but I figure, they can make me sit through it, but they can't make me watch it. And, as Elizabeth Rose said, I'm finding it surprisingly enjoyable. Not always, and it's much easier to call it fun when I am not actually behind the wheel, but I look forward to the time when I am rather more competent and can manage without panic.

      I wasn't expecting to learn to drive so soon, but the prospect of commuting to college made it imperative. "Some have driving thrust upon them...!"

      Autumn! Autumn clothes! Autumn weather! I am excited.

  5. Congratulations, Abigail! How very exciting! Best wishes for college and Tempus Regina - I'm sure you'll do great! :) I'm working on trying to get my driver's license, too. :)

    Did you by chance get my email? Just wondering. :)


    1. I did get your email! I'm sorry it has taken me so long to reply. It is in the inbox, though: Gmail did nothing goofy with it this time. A response should be along shortly!

  6. Coming at the tail end of the comment section (yikes, but I AM SO BEHIND COMMENTING/MESSAGING THESE DAYS!!!), I have to say that I truly had fun reading this post, Abigail; I am so very fond of your in-depth posts. It is always invigorating and challenging and and you make me do a lot of thinking as I read your thoughts on different topics and issues of import. However, on occasion, it can be such jolly fun reading a post like this one. I can positively identify with such a post, because my writing has been a plod/challenge for such a while and it feels un-inspiring to write what I actually don't feel at this stage. Ho hum!! What other reason are lists for, but for such a time as this?

    I think you have such an interesting/colourful list for August. I have a few things on my August list too; for one thing - write this long delayed letter to you! and also attempt to finish twenty school PACE's focusing on Algebra, Biology, Australian History, Etymology, Old Testament Survey and Literature... that, and finishing Heartless by Stengl (yes I've started reading it!), and Stevenson's Kidnapped, besides learning three medleys of LOTR/Les Miserables/Sound of Music movie music pieces on the violin for a concert at the end of the year. Well, as if August wasn't already busy!

    But you will definitely be in my prayers regarding your start of your first university course! I hope it goes off with a satisfying, exciting start and you find real pleasure in it, as far as uni goes! Do you think you'll become 'busier' once you start, or do you foresee that it will be much the same as with your high-school studies in the sense of time for writing? I would love to know how that goes with you, because that's something always intimidating about the prospect of university for me in the future - the lack of time and inspiration for writing!! *sighs* - "driving" shenanigans? I sympathize... my parents have given me the go-ahead if I wanted to start learning to drive, but so far, I have just been too busy with my schooling to find time, besides with four drivers in our home there seems little need at this stage and I feel a trifle... ahem, 'intimidated'?

    How goes the Tempus Regina edits by the way?
    And the long-sleeves and shoes... *nodshead* such self-respecting points for such a list. Long sleeves are all mostly fun - I am wearing them as of right now! And shoes are of utmost importance. WITHOUT QUESTION!!!


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