October 22, 2012

Like a Woman Scorned

My family and I are back from our beach trip, although still adjusting to the demands of normal life.  In the past few days I've been writing up posts for the November blog party, answering questions, and sending out emails, all of which leaves disgustingly little brain power for the task of writing a post for the present.  Hence the belated nature of this one.

However, I was very pleased to fall in once again with Rosamund's Character Letters meme, which I have not done since July - horrors!  This month's edition comes from the pen of Regina of Tempus Regina and has very little to do with the actual plot, which is nice in that it gives nothing of importance away.  Besides, it's nice practice for the upcoming NaNoWriMo.

Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned,
nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.

- william congreve

Mr. John Ingram—

Although we parted yesterday on, I think, no uncertain terms, I thought it best I commit myself in ink and on paper, that there be no misunderstanding. If I have made myself clear already, I ask your patience. I will be finished in a moment; bear with me to the end, and then you may burn this if you wish.

Do not call me a liar when I say I am sorry we should have come to this. I was happy these last two months; you know I was; my face is too hard to lie. On every other point you would have found me pliant, eager to bow to any wish you could have invented. How could I have done else? Gratitude alone (such a harsh word between us!) would have made me dumb. But you asked this, and you find me rigid.

 I cannot, I will not, give Kay up. I am all the world to him, and before you came he was all the world to me. He is but a child, Ingram, a poor, weak-minded child who will never be a man. You call him a burden. Oh! You can have no conception what a burden he is. You say that marrying you I will have riches, enough to send him away, to make believe I have no brother, to be free of all those obligations. But if you think I could so easily cast him off, then these two months have taught you nothing of me. Oaths and obligations are never so lightly fulfilled. Kay belongs with me. You take us both or you take neither, and last night you chose the latter.

 But comfort yourself, Ingram: in attempting to rid yourself of one nuisance you have unwittingly rid yourself of two. There is no reason now to speak with your parents. No risks to run, no shame to endure, no money and no position to lose. What an easy error you have made; only think if you had made the other instead, and found yourself saddled with a servant to wife and a fool for a brother-in-law! Reckon it to Providence, if you will, that you escaped so narrowly from such a trial.

I remain your servant,

Regina K. Winters

Postscript: I deliver this by a shop boy’s hand, lest you have the horror of crossing my path again. You will not see me again at the mill, nor, I hope, anywhere else. If we do have the misfortune of seeing one another, I will keep to the far side of the street as befits my station.


  1. Glad you're back! Always love your writing.
    Just figured out my nano novel today. A little late, but I'm ready to go. :D Hope you're ready. Here's to a wild ride this November!


  2. Lovely lovely! That quote is just full of pizazz, isn't it?

  3. She's baaaack! :) I must say, Abigail, the blogosphere hasn't been quite the same with you away. However, hurrah for restful and enjoyable vacations (because the world would be a nasty place without them), and I am dearly glad you had a good time! :)

  4. Such a smart refusal! I believe I shall pull out this letter in later years, when I need to rid myself of an irritating suitor. ;P

    Welcome back!!

    P.S. I just recently finished The Soldier's Cross. Prepare yourself for an email full of my admiring thoughts. ;D

  5. Welcome back, Abigail!! Glad you enjoyed your holiday at the beach... :)

    Wow, what a bitingly smart and candid refusal! If nothing else, Regina has brains =D... and obviously she loves her weak-minded brother dearly which is enough to make me fall in love with her.

    I so enjoyed this post...
    There is only one main regret in me for Nov. abstinence from the internet. I won't be able to read your blog-posts for a whole month! Ai!
    *of I go now to wail my sorrow*

  6. What's your nano profile? :)


  7. B. - I'm glad you'll be able to participate! My NaNo profile is JeanneH. I think my first name must have been take already, or some such.

    Rachel - That quote does have a good deal of truth in it. Although I was highly amused to find, in looking it up, a Yahoo! question that said, "Where in the Bible does it say, 'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned'?" I think that comes right after "God helps those who help themselves," and, "Early to bed, early to rise..."

    Emily - Aw, thank you! We did have a very lovely time, though I am glad to be home again.

    Bree - "...But to accept them is absolutely impossible. My feelings forbid it in every respect. Can I speak plainer?" Paraphrase, but you get the idea!

    Joy - Oh yes, Regina is nothing if not biting! But I wouldn't say this sentiment expresses so much a love for her brother as it does her overwhelming sense of duty. That she has in spades. The former - I'm really not sure.

  8. Lovely, Abigail; your writing is perfectly splendid in every way!

    Best wishes for everyone participating in NaNo!

    Fellow writer,


  9. Wow what a amazing piece of writing! And kay sounds like a wonderful name. I admire her duty to her brother.


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