September 17, 2012

Snippets of September

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I come a little late to the party, as usual, but it's time for Katie's monthly Snippets post!  I have done little actual writing this month; I've left off Tempus Regina until November and NaNoWriMo, so my work has been confined to edits.  But here are a smattering of earlier Tempus Regina bits, and a clip or two from recently revised sections of The Running Tide.  (Somebody commented that it sounds strange to hear The White Sail's Shaking become The White Sail's Shaking and The Running Tide; I heartily agree, but I'm forcing myself to get used to it.)  I'm hoping to pull out Wordcrafter and make some major revisions this month and next, so October's snippets should see some of Justin and Ethan and the rest of that lovely gang, whom I've not dealt with in quite some time.  Most exciting!

september snippets

[He] was saying something, but Tip could not hear what it was for the rattling of the man’s chest and the flow of Heerman’s shapeless talk, and the flare of lamplight that seemed loud in the quarters. 

- the running tide 

There was blood on Decatur’s face, Tip noted, spattered like ghastly freckles across his cheekbones. 

- the running tide 

Her voice drifted into inarticulate fussing as, gesturing with both crabbed hands, she drew Regina in—like the witch with Gretel. If she saw any ovens, Regina thought she might panic. 

- tempus regina 

Something crashed like elephant feet above and to the right of her head. Regina shied; the candlesticks down the hall clattered against each other and the ceiling bounced and trembled. Dirt spattered on the floor. Mrs. Godands was imperturbable. 

- tempus regina 

Mrs. Godands found the proper key at last and jammed it into the hole, murmuring happily to herself as, with a sepulchral moan and a burst of dust, the door swung outward from its socket. She played tug-of-war with it for a moment in an attempt to get the key back out; something else smashed in the master’s room; the ceiling bobbled; the door hinges screamed. Regina wished she could join them. 

- tempus regina 

The cat neared the fire, lapping once more at her tail while she steamed in the heat. When she had beaten down the unruly crests of fur, she looked up, a bit of fluff still caught in her mouth, and mewed. 

- tempus regina 

"You mock me, woman, and I will not be mocked. Stand out of my way.” 

- tempus regina 

As he spoke the stranger lowered himself to a squat, balancing on a root beneath the arches of his feet, and turned his head to give Regina a long, upward, lopsided look. She thought him grotesquely like a goblin. 

- tempus regina


  1. I love them! *claps* The last is my favorite. I'm already quite in love. ^.^

  2. Hoo rah! I love Mrs. Godands and the oven and the door hinges screaming. I think it very creepy that you put in "You mock me, woman, and I will not be mocked," because Margaret says almost the exact same thing to Rhea.

    We are so weird together by accident.

  3. I've read all of your snippets from The White Sail's Shaking, and it sounds fascinating! It's a time period and setting I've really never paid any attention to, but you've made it sound interesting, and your writing is beautiful. Any ideas when the book will be published?

  4. Tempus Regina sounds really cool! I can't wait to read it!

    Yes, I'm keeping from writing in one of my planned stories till NanoWrimo also, my first time ever to do it. (squeal of excitement)
    Would you have any advice on writing 50,000 words in a month?

  5. Ooh! Somehow missed the division and renaming of White Sails! Though I love "The Running Tide!" Such a cool name--it conjures up immensely awesome mental-pictures for me somehow. And Tempus Regina? I love it already. Especially the 'Don't mock me, woman' bit.

  6. Wonderful snippets, Abigail! I truly enjoyed reading all of these bits and pieces from your different works; they are all tantalizingly brilliant!

    Hmm. If I am correct it seems to me that there is a lot of clattering and crashing going on in your stories at the moment especially in 'Tempus Regina' (which I might add sounds awfully fascinating). My favourite snippet was the one of Mrs. Godands and the creaking door and the tug-of-war with the knob... I just visualized the scene so much when I read it! Well done! Also the last three snippets were just splendid.

    Ah, from your last e-mail (which I plan on replying to as soon as possible :))... I recall you mentioning the division and renaming of 'White Sails', and I really love the new title "The Running Tide" as well. You know, Abigail, I am just so looking forward to seeing the White Sails series getting published soon so I can get to read them!!

    I don't know about you, but I am looking forward to the month of November :)

  7. Hello! I have been following your blog for quite some time, and find it always encouraging and uplifting. Your writing is a blessing from God - always use it for him!
    I enjoyed these snippets so much. :)

    I agree with an above commenter - let's hear some nanowrimo tips and how you do it! ;)


  8. Writer4Christ - my advice as regards NaNo is to remember that you only have to write 1,667 words every day (granted, it has to be every day). But that makes the task much more manageable when you keep that goal in mind. :D

  9. Mirriam - I think it highly unlikely that you won't like the fellow in question, as I get further into the story. He is, I believe, Your Type of Character.

    Jenny - Erk. Entirely unintentional! But Regina does have a dash of the Margaret about her, at least at the moment.

    Elisabeth Grace - It's a setting and time period I paid no attention to, until I read a history of the U.S. Navy's founding, by Ian W. Toll. And then I had to write a story against that backdrop. I have absolutely no idea when these books will be published. It is my goal, though, and I'm working toward it! Agent-querying is the business right now.

    Writer - Jenny's comment is really good to keep in mind. Don't tell yourself at the start that you're going to blow past your goal every day and write 5,000 words; just set yourself to reaching that 1,667-word goal, and then perhaps you'll be so caught up in the story that you will be able to write even more. And always take advantage of spare time! For some this means staying up late; for others, getting up early; for some it just means organizing daily time in different ways. Whatever works, as long as you can juggle responsibilities!

    Rachel - Thank ye! Both titles come from John Masefield's "Sea Fever." I'd like the title of the series to be "Sea Fever," but we'll see what the Prospective Editor thinks of that.

    Joy - Oh, goodness, yes, a great deal of crashing and bumping! That bit was a trip to write. I'm so glad you liked them. Mrs. Godands is getting quite popular around here; 'tis most unseemly.

    (Will you be doing NaNo this year, Joy? That would be fun!)

    R. - Aw, thank you! You're so sweet. Everyone's getting so geared up for NaNo, I might just have to do a blog post on it!

  10. ...I was going to do a blog post on NaNo. But seeing as you have done it more often than I, you can do it, and I'll do a little one about how I may as well participate with the rest. :P

  11. Like the ones from Running Tide the best! (*Tip* is a really great name!) And then, of course, the Gretel/oven one is quite cool as well.

    stopping by from the linkup

  12. Abigail, I am not 100% sure, but I think I will not being doing NaNo this year for the simple reason that I want to do a lot of work on 'The Crown of Life' during November and it is already a work-in-progress (I do believe you have to start a novel from scratch, right?). Lord willing, I may seriously consider doing NaNo next year with my adaption of 'A Love that Never Fails' but I still have to see :). Having said that, I plan on giving myself a challenge during November in 'The Crown of Life' and make a complete ban of internet activities during that month so I'd have time to write and try finishing the first final draft by December 1... that's the plan anyway!

    Are you going to enter NaNo with 'Tempus Regina' this year?

  13. Mrs. Godands appears to be one of those eccentric, peculiar characters in books that I always (generally) like immensely.

    I like the title "The Running Tide"! It sounds quite apt, if I may say so :)

  14. Oh yay! I love that poem by John Masefield. I am so glad your titles have a "nod" in them to such a fine and winsome poem.

  15. Cait - Aw, thank you! His Christian name is "Edward" and I'm not sure how one gets "Tip" out of that, but somehow he did. His name was uncertain when I first began writing, but now I look back and wonder how I could have questioned it.

    Joy - Yes, you are supposed to start from scratch. However, I'm working on Tempus Regina and Jenny's working on Plenilune, so technically we're cheaters. I figure no one will mind as long as we don't take our previous writing into account. I would cheer you on as you work through The Crown of Life, but if you're internet-less, you won't hear me!

    Annie - "Peculiar" is accurate, if a little understated: she's perfectly eccentric. (And she complains that the master is crazy...!) And I'm very glad you like "The Running Tide." I'm getting attached to it myself, I must say.

    Rachel - His poem was one of my primary inspirations, as a matter of fact. It's such a beautiful piece!


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