July 12, 2012

July Snippets

pinterest: the white sail's shaking
It's time again for the next installment of Katie's monthly snippets meme!  (For those of you participating in her "Actually Finishing Something July," this is great incentive to share clips of your recent scribbles.  Just saying.)  I haven't done much writing proper in July, other than the odd scene scribbled out in the odder notebook, but I did crank out several chapters in June, so I have things to feature.

july snippets

There was no backing out now, nor would Tip have done it if he could have; he was far too bull-headed, and far too keenly aware of it. Wordlessly he began to roll back his sleeves, ever keeping an eye on Lewis’ movements, the familiar, comforting thrill of the fight running spider-wise across his skin. The sun sparking between the oak leaves made the shadows and the light run wild while the two of them adjusted their positions, and as it lit Lewis’ face for just a moment, Tip saw that he had been wrong: this man was slow at nothing. 

James protested again, but the words fell, as always, on deaf ears.

- the white sail's shaking

“My sanity is of no consequence to you.”

- the white sail's shaking

Overhead a seaman was attempting to tune his fiddle in a fit of yowls and twangs. Another called out that the strings would be wet, and a third, louder than his fellows, retorted that it made no difference for the fiddle made little enough music as it was. Then the argument dropped out of hearing beneath the shrill singsong of the wind. The lamp-flame wavered again and a sorcerous light leapt up around Charlie as, rising sharply, he began to pace the quarters — up and down, white and blue alike turned faded orange in the glow, the shadows backing and surging.

- the white sail's shaking

One of the loose arms of Marta’s shirt fluttered against Tip; the breeze had begun to shift at last, the tide having turned outward a long time ago. No moon tonight, he thought once, casting another glance at the sky, and the world seemed all the more desolate for its loss.

- the white sail's shaking

“Why,” he said, “what a funny pair of jack-in-the-boxes you two are!”

- the white sail's shaking

The windows cast downward glances at him, disapproving of him in their cool way. “Dear, dear,” the building murmured to the house on the other side of the iron fence, “who on earth is that dirty fellow? He’s getting my hem all muddy.” 

- the white sail's shaking

His voice sank into murmurs, faint and soothing and themselves rather broken; Tabby curled up on his boots and started to purr, and the pot gurgled plaintively in the hearth. 

 - the white sail's shaking

Dear Father,

Yo ho ho!  (But no rum: Aunt K. wouldn't approve.)  I write to you from the Admiral Benbow Inn, where Gossamer and I have stopped to listen to a yarn or three from the old sea dogs who sailed the Spanish Main in days very much gone by.

That is to say, a parcel of books arrived for me today.

- sunshine & gossamer


  1. Gah, how awesome are these? I can't tell you which is my favourite - I don't have one. They are all magnificent. They are all serious or funny or bewitching or a mad, mad mixture of all three. Sink me, the lady knows how to write.

  2. I second Jenny's comment, Abigail!

    Those snippets are a delightful concussion of graveness, humour, wit, and an array of magnificent literary colours. How do you do it? They just make me want to read White Sails' Shaking all the more you know :).

    Personally, I really enjoyed the first one so much, though all of them were amazing... it just has a vibrant flavour, and the natural setting seems in complete opposition to the situation which just makes it all the more fascinating.

    I thought the snippet with the fiddle quite lovely as well, and it caught my special attention seeing that I just had a violin exam on Wednesday :).

  3. The idea of a house having a hem to muddy-- Abigail, I love the way you write! Such vivid mind-pictures! Now I'm desperately curious-- whose sanity is of no consequence to who?

  4. Jenny - Aww... I'm glad you think so. (Really, Jafar, you're too kind. I'm embarrassed! I'm blushing...)

    Joy - I'm tickled that you like them so much! I really enjoy juxtaposition when it comes to scenery-and-emotion; it's amazing how much you can evoke from the clash of a sunny day and a horrible event, or rain and joy. Maybe that's why when the man and the woman kiss at the end of a romantic movie, it always seems to be in the rain. Anyhow, I'm glad you liked them! And good "luck" with that violin exam. (I'm pretty sure the seaman in question wouldn't pass.)

    Miss Dashwood - Ah, but that would be telling! And now that you've asked, I desperately want to say - but that's no good. I'm very bad about Not Telling. You'll have to wait and see!

  5. I just got your book in the mail! Can't wait to start reading it!


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