April 23, 2012

April Snippets

The month is growing old, but here is my Snippets post at last!  March and April have been fairly productive months for me, but the trouble is that these chapters are part of or approaching the climax of The White Sail's Shaking, so it's difficult to share many snippets.  But I'll see what I can do.

april snippets

He was holding a pocket watch, tilted to catch the light on its open face, the chain dancing back and forth like a pendulum between his fingers; it seemed to have mesmerized him, for he had no attention for anything else. He watched it as a cat watches a mouse hole, unblinking, unwavering, with a faint occasional smile on his mouth.

- the white sail's shaking

“I came to see how your knee is, naturally. Heerman says it’s healing, but one can always hold out a hope for infection. There isn’t any, I suppose?”

Tip gave back a grimace of a smile. “None. Sorry to disappoint.”

- the white sail's shaking

The Constitution stood out, though, with her shrouds a tangle of mist and the sun a brilliant gold on her stern windows, her guns just now gone quiet. The bomb ketches beyond her were silent as well and so, too, were the Tripolitan batteries. An eerie, twilight hush had fallen over everything, as though the harbor held its breath; Tip could hear the gulls starting to cry once more.

Then the breath was released.

- the white sail's shaking

Some of the desperation must have leaked into his words, for Charlie’s backward glance was only half mocking. “I’ve my gun crew to command. I’ll come down when the fighting’s over.” 

Yes, Tip thought, but when the fighting’s over, it will be too late.

- the white sail's shaking

Tip stopped and looked up without turning around, gazing forward at the pale expanse of the schooner’s deck and the darker sea beyond, a haze of either sleeplessness or moonlight on his vision. So beautiful, he thought superfluously, hardly knowing whether he meant the night or the sea or the schooner, only knowing that whichever it was, its beauty made him ache.

- the white sail's shaking

Father, I miss you.  On nights like this I know I'll never see you again, and I feel like my heart will break.  
I miss you.  I want you to come home.

- sunshine and gossamer

Details of the room caught her eye in brief flashes. There were books everywhere; the opening door had raised a breath of dust from them. The air smelled sour, almost green. She saw a man in shirtsleeves and the back of his tawny head before he turned, and then she saw nothing but a pair of grey eyes.

She screamed.

- tempus regina


  1. Oh, Abigail! I absolutely adore your snippets!! All of them are so amazing!! You are a very talented writer and I wish I could write as well as you. Thanks for sharing! And I can't wait to read these books!

  2. Aw, thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the excerpts. I had some difficulty picking them out this month; it's hard to find snippets in the climactic chapters that don't spoil anything...

  3. I know how that is. I unfortunately don't have any decent good snippets to do. You're welcome! I look forward to reading more.

  4. Is Wordcrafter published yet? I'd really love to read it... in print that is(I don't have an e-book)...

  5. I'm afraid Wordcrafter is not published. One day, perhaps, but I think The White Sail's Shaking will probably be published first. I'm glad it piques your interest, though!

  6. These snippets are wonderful, Abigail! The last snippet is definitely eerie... a pair of grey eyes? She screams? Hmm, you've definitely piqued my interest there!

    I quite laughed at the part where that fellow asked Tip if he's got infection :). And the one of Sunshine and Gossamer sounds really sad and sweet. All of them are such great excerpts, I can't wait to read the actual books!!

  7. These are absolutely lovely, Abigail! I am itching to read The White Sail's Shaking(: I have a feeling it will be one of those books you cannot put down!

  8. I ADORE reading these. I absolutely LOVE Tip, and I love the assassin in Tempus Regina. I can't wait for them to be finished so I can read them - I also want to meet the Hound *chews nails down to the quick* - but I have to wait. *wilted sigh* Anyhow, you're right, the month is late and I've yet to post my own snippets!!

  9. Good work, Abigail! And the image is very fine!

  10. Joy - I'm so glad you liked them! The clip from Tempus Regina is actually near the end - which is sad, since I haven't even properly begun the story yet. I can't be writing the ending already!

    Emily - I think it's one of the best compliments when a reader can't put the book down, so I do hope White Sail's will be such a story! I'm glad you think it sounds like one.

    Mirriam - You make me smile! I love Tip myself (terribly shameless of me) and I'm really looking forward to exploring the Assassin's character more once Tempus Regina is ready for writing. Oh, and I have a proposition to put to you; I'll be emailing it to you in a bit.

    Maria - Thank you! I'm very fond of that pocket watch. I wouldn't mind owning one!

  11. Ooh, how lovely! I always love reading snippets, and these definitely piqued my thirst for more of these stories :) . It definitely sounds like you have a knack for writing gripping vivid scenes and characters with just a few strokes. Quite a pleasure to read! Thanks for sharing :)

  12. That's sweet of you, Sienna! I'm glad you think so. I was very pleased when Katie began the Snippets series; it's so much fun to see clips of other people's writing and to guess at the larger context.


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