November 21, 2011

A Dash of the Literary

Katie, over on her blog at Whisperings of the Pen, did a fun little post with recently-scribbled snippets from her stories. Then my sister Jenny picked it up and posted clips from her novels Adamantine (completed/being edited) and Plenilune (in progress). So, being unoriginal as I am, I decided to make off with the idea and give you readers a glimpse into what I have written and what I have been writing recently. (By the way, the first draft of The White Sail's Shaking bids fair to pass Wordcrafter in length by the end of the year!)

a sprinkling of words

The sky was cloudless and two large moons were already high in it, so that the garden was turned a faded grey and speckled by darker hollows. It was quiet except for the hum of the breeze running through the slats in the fence, and Justin sighed in relief as the door creaked shut at his back and he was separated from the warmth and turmoil within. But as he skirted the overgrown vines and bushes and drooping, frosty flowers to the rough hewn bench, his eye was caught by a motion on his right and he stiffened.

“Hallo,” said a female voice. She sat on the white fence post with her hands clasped between her knees, balancing precariously as she kicked her heels against the wood. She had no head-covering, so her hair, amber in the moonlight, was tousled and chaotic—part of her charm, Justin thought wryly. He moved nearer and she regarded him serenely.

“You’re getting bolder,” he remarked.


Ethan’s fist met the table with a crash that shuddered down its entire length and knocked over several goblets, sending wine and mead flooding across the wood and over the edge in waterfalls. There could not have been a man in the room who did not start, and the Gypsy-lord’s arms unfolded in a moment and he drew himself up; but the Hound had calmed himself with an effort and drew his hand off the table, exhaling slowly. “The Lord of the Cliffs will forgive me,” he said coldly, “if I find it difficult to be amused at what I am sure was not meant to be in earnest.”


I was very tired last night - tireder than I think I've ever been - but I was determined to get up early just to show Aiden that I'm not a shallow city girl. I had Miss Gwen get me up in the dark, and though my courage almost failed me as I peeked over the coverlet, I did not back down! I got up in the cold dark and I wrapped myself up in a sweater and wellies, and then I tramped down, had a bit of porridge for breakfast (yuck!), and went out to report for duty.

Sunshine and Gossamer

The glittering of the man’s eyes in his strange face, like the blinking of gems half buried in earth, unnerved Tip, and he took the words and that warning look to heart as he went inside. Unwanted, they said. Unwanted! A sensation of overwhelming friendlessness closed in on him when he shut the door of his own room and stood in the solitude, and he drew in a shuddering breath and brushed the heel of his hand across a cut on his forehead. “Never mind,” he murmured. “It doesn’t matter what they think. You’ll get by, Tip Brighton—you always do.”

The White Sail's Shaking

“Give them a shot across the bow, if you please,” Decatur said to the first lieutenant, with a touch of morbid humor. The order was relayed and a gun run out in Lewis’ division; spark touched vent and a white cloud burst upward as a cannon ball went singing smartly across the ketch’s bowsprit. A breathless silence ensued, and as the air cleared Tip could see the foreigners
heaving to.

The White Sail's Shaking

and a dash of words not my own

You do not make the truth. You reside in the truth. A suitable image for truth would be that of a lighthouse lashed by the elemental fury of undisciplined error. Those who have come to reside in the truth must stay there. It is not their business to go back into error for the purpose of joining their drowning fellows with the pretence that, inside or outside, the conditions are pretty much the same.

The Christian Mind, Harry Blamires

art by wagsomedog on flickr


  1. Wow, that was incredible!! I loved all your snippets from your stories! You are a wonderful story teller and I look forward to reading these book someday. Thank you for sharing them.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed reading these. :)

  3. Glad you liked these clips, gals! Thanks so much for commenting.

  4. I want to read Wordcrafter.
    Very much.
    And White Sails Shaking. Yes. Hurry up and finish them, will you? ^_^
    ~ Mirriam

  5. Hee! Actually, Mirriam, Wordcrafter is completed; it's just in the querying process, that's all. As for The White Sail's Shaking - I'm doing my best! 149,000 words so far, and the finishing line draws nearer. (Which is good, because it would be very bad if the finishing line were getting farther away.)

  6. ACK; I want to read it!!! WHOA, 149,000? Congratulations!!!! My completed novel is only about 100,000 words =D (I think...)

  7. I'm so very glad you took this little exercise and made it your own. ^.^

    Positively every snippet here is lovely. But this: The glittering of the man’s eyes in his strange face, like the blinking of gems half buried in earth... particularly caught mine eyes--or thoughts, rather. That is just gorgeous imagery. Gorgeous.

  8. Mirriam - There are so many things that need to be taken out of or added to White Sail's that any estimation of the wordcount is just that - an estimation. My novels have gotten progressively larger, though, since The Soldier's Cross. I think a 80,000-100,000 word novel is a good place to begin if you want to break into the market; most publishers don't want a novel larger than that from a first time author.

    Katie - Thank you for starting this! I had fun picking out bits and pieces to post. Darkwood, who was the subject of the description you just quoted, was quite fun to introduce.

    (I think you'll like Sunshine and Gossamer, by the way; it's your kind of story.)


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